CSM 13 - Low Sec Issues/Suggestions/Ideas

CSM 13 began its duties today with our first official meeting with CCP.

As I noted I would do to those who made comments, I’m creating open issues threads for the various areas of space that players may have ideas, concerns or issues with.

Please use this thread for low sec - issues specific to that region of space.

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Proposed changes:

  • 0.1 systems get one static [faction] hub with a 30 minute respawn time

  • 0.2 systems get one static [faction] rally point with a 30 minute respawn time

  • 0.3 systems get two static [faction] refuges with a 20 minute respawn time

  • 0.4 systems get one static [faction] refuges with a 20 minute respawn time

  • Add LG implants to HS faction spawn loot table and remove MG implants from their loot table

  • Add MG implants to Besieged Covert Research Facility loot table and remove LG implants from their loot table

  • Remove some BS’s from 5/10 and 6/10 DED’s, as of now they are painfully slow to run and take longer than some 10/10’s to complete (alternatively consider making them blitzable)


  • More consistent PvE content in lowsec (currently a single lowsec system can be farmed empty by a single toon often in less than 1-2 hours, this system will often remain empty for the rest of the day even if there is farming going on in surrounding systems - a single toon can also easily clear an entire constellation of all the sites of a specific type within as little as 30-40 minutes depending on the site)

  • Balancing against HS (currently 2-3 HS systems provide enough sites to continuously farm DED 3/10, resulting in a consistent 1-3 escalations per hour, these combat anomalies can be completed by a frigate within 1-5 minutes and also allow for many encounters with faction spawns)

  • Balancing difficulty (HS sites can be completed so quickly that there is a good chance of encountering at least one faction spawn every hour, these rats are next to harmless and nothing compared to the Mordu’s Legion rats that one encounters in BCRF’s, yet they have a chance of dropping objectively better loot)


Introduce delayed local for low sec, I think it would be great for fw space and create many more interesting small(er) fights. It wouldn’t have to be much, 5-10 seconds would give a experienced pvper time to quickly find a target.

Low sec and Null sec should be more like WH space, a heart racing, blood pumping, sitting on the edge of your chair experience.


A total overhaul of the loot tables and site spawning mechanics might help get more of the player base into low sec, if not permanently at least as a day tripper.

High Sec should have c-type modules only, low grade implants and no chance for a ship BPC drops.
Low sec should get b-type modules, mid grade implants and a chance for ship BPCs
Null sec should get the A-type modules, high grade implants and a chance for ship BPCs, there overall drop rate should be much lower than that of low sec to keep the value of the modules over time.
This would probably need a change of how exploration sites are generated and what kinds are even available.
They could probably be broken down to 3 types for each faction, Frigate/Destroyer, Cruiser/Battlecruiser and Battleship in both Rated and Unrated sites.
Faction loot drops would end up being able to drop across all sections of space that generate the correct NPC for the loot drop however Low Sec should have a better chance of spawning a NPC that can drop faction loot.

Sure sugarpuffs, and next on the list remove all missions and anomalies from highsec and make people start out in goofswarm with 5000 titians and super dupers.

Also make it mandatory to create 12000 accounts at once because one don’t cut it anyways and offer bots for super duper auto-farming at sales.

How about we leave DED complexes as they are and remove the escalations from anomalies. Now you have to look for them and probe them down to get the goodies.

Lowsec doesn’t need capitals. Handcuff them to null and w-space.

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-More stuff like besieged covert research facilities. Special anoms that only spawn in lowsec. Make one type for each pirate faction

-Give besieged sites and new similar sites a chance to escalate to rated dedsites
-More ghost sites and sleeper caches in lowsec
-more wormholes from lowsec to lowsec
-Make 9/10s that spawn in Null, then remove 7/10s from null and have them spawn in lowsec
-fix ONLY the level 5s that no one does. Give them the old loot drop rate from highsec so they can be full cleared for massive amounts of salvage (please dont fuck up the the lvl 5s people are already blitzing. I love them the way they are)

Edit: For instance, “Recover the Containers” I guarantee you no one has touched that mission in years. Fix all the missions that can’t be soloed. I’m part of a small community that does level 5s and we love them. We solo them even if that wasn’t how they were initially intended. They aren’t group activities anymore. Incursions are better for groups. Make level 5s a high level solo activity. They require so much SP, game knowledge and ISK investment to get into, they should be rewarding for veteran players, which is what about half of the missions have actually become while the other half languishes. Make the rest of them just as great. They have an excellent cat and mouse dynamic with the high profile ganking that goes on. You almost have something really amazing here and most of the community at large doesn’t know about it. Level 5s deserve some attention but be careful. PLEASE don’t screw up my favorite part of the game. As a solo player I would literally have zero opportunity to fly a carrier or dread if it werent for l5s, so if you do decide to mess with them, just keep that in mind.

Edit2: Just wanted to also mention. I actually live in lowsec.

Edit3: Obviously, also fix FW. Didn’t think this needed to be said. It needs a rework, however it’s probably one of the most successful parts of lowsec.


We have to get together with CCP and come up with some reason to actually be in lowsex. Between the safety and convenience of highsec and the safety and profit of null bearing atm there is really no reason to be in low.

Edit: also fix FW

Double edit: actually Maybe FW is the key to this. As the main mechanic exclusive to lowsec (more or less) if we can make it more engaging and rewarding without being too fken rewarding. I must admit I don’t know how to go about this though.


Solid idea^

I’m onboard with your ideas.

Make any pilot that is not in Militia go suspect when they enter a complex.

  • Remove security penaltys for engaging players in FW sites even without beeing in milita(maybe that entering the sites give a suspect timer)
  • Change the way how FW works, make it an active process to capture the sites instead of just waiting for a timer to run down

Hello no, this would tank the loot value. 5/10 are in an incredible good spot, as they can be done in PvP-Fits, if you are smart.

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Ohhh… So true!
Getting tired of Null-scale capital deployments in low-sec to fight a cruiser roam… Hardly encourages roams and random PVP in low… I miss low-sec anno 2009…


Yeah don’t mention broken lvl 5’s they might just turn them into lvl 4 agents like they did with Hysera

Make Low sec Bigger . Convert High sec systems to low sec and all of the 4 empires need to be separated by lowsec

I believe if you want to travel between the different trade hubs there should be more of a risk than just gankers ( since war decs wont be a thing for non structure corps anymore). This could cause the trade hubs other than jita to have more of a role to play in eve.


Make it like pirate null.

Here are some of ideas (brainstorm ideas)

  • Remove standing/security loss for engaging other players in lowsec
  • Remove gateguns for any system not directly attached to Highsec (or just remove it all together - easier to understand for newer player)
  • Make it more rewarding, right now you only go there to loose your ship
  • Allow bubbles.

It should be a far more less restrictive area all together. People also go where the isk is. So make it also more rewarding. Have regular sites or use the event type of sites we seen lately with specific rewards so it becomes a place you want to go if you are not the odd camping gang or FW pilot.

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