Cyno Nullification, Security Shift, Assault Agents and Faction Dominance (and other changes): a series of concepts for Low Sec gameplay

please note that this isnt a “Rework Low Sec” proposal just a series of separated gameplay concepts that could be added or used to rework or expand on what is already avaliable on that layer of space.


The main theory regarding the space distribution in EVE is that it follows a sort of tiered progression where High < Low < Null/Whs. this isnt 100% accurate of course and depending on the activity some of these comparations are completelly wrong.

As EVE abandons the tier based system for ships and modules, its evident that the same has to be applied to the very own geography of the cluster.

-High Sec is the cradle of capsuleers and the backbone of the economy grid and its distinguished by the presence of Concord

-Null Sec is the place for large alliances wanting to hold control over their own star systems with the possibility of using Capital Fleets to defend themselves

-Wormhole Space provides a new layer of space with its own effects, limitations and oportunities both for the solo player and corporations that appeal to a more exploration oriented lifestyle.

-Abysssal Deadspace is a misterious region that can only be accessed for a limited period of time and provides a personal challenge with the promise of some exotic rewards

Low Sec doesnt get much of its own compared to the others. you could take out FW and it would be basically high sec but with no police. CCP has tried to provide incentives for people to try LS but its minimal stuff that only catters for moneymaking. it doesnt provide any kind of special gimmick to the layer at all, just extra anomalies or spawns that you can kill for profit.

the main exercise in this case has been thinking on ways to bring Low Sec to that fantasy of “lawless buffer zone between the safety of the warring empires and the pirate domains that exist beyond”

1. Cyno Nullification:

this is a bit of a conflictive idea, from one side many groups in LS have a contingent of capital ships ready for use during sieges and similar conflicts. i think its a good thing that ships like that can be used in the buffer zone.

however, there’s also the issue of the solo or small gang wanting to get some action and the first thing that is jumped on them is a bunch of carriers. asking the rest to “git gud” or something like that doesnt solve the issue at all.

in order to evade banning capital ships from low sec, the only feasible option i see for this one is to make them unable to jump in low sec. it will probably hurt the big groups as they will have to stop using Jump Freighters and will have to gate their capital fleets but they should be able to adapt to that in due time along with still being able to use capital ships for system operations. the solo player and small gang will be able to get around and find same sized challenges instea of having to deal with the wall of getting a carrier jumped on them (this doesnt mean there couldnt be a carrier camping a gate tho)

2. Security Shift:

this is a new system tied to the fight between Concord and the Pirate factions. it works in a similar way to FW tiers and affects the security status of the system as a whole. it wont mean that systems will become 1.0 sec suddenly, it means that low sec systems would be able to get progressively harder or easier in difficulty depending on how powerfull is the presence of Pirates or Concord in the system itself.

for example, at Concord T4 the system would be close in safety to 0,5 systems in high sec with a contingent of Concord ships guarding the gates (they would act like typical Concord NPCs but no instablap, just hard to destroy). this at the cost of becoming poor in terms of PvE rewards (because less dangerous pirate incursions in the system).

the reverse happens in T4 Pirate systems where systems become close to 0,0 in difficulty but also greater in reward. gates would be camped of course by the respective pirate NPCs and may interact with players depending on their standings towards them (if you are good with the pirates they may even give you support or something).

3. Assault Agents:

this si also part of the Concord vs Pirates mechanic. Low Sec isnt only a buffer zone, its also the welcoming place for budding pirates. this should be reflected by having Pirate Faction NPCs around, something that doesnt seem to happen.

if the Bloods, Sansha, Angels, Serpentis and Guristas have their strongholds in null, then they should at least have some kind of permanent outposts in Low Sec where the empires have a much thinner military. while asking CCP to add Pirate Stations in Low Sec should be the most logical proposal, this may tick the alarm on those living in NPC Null. as it would mean safer ways to get Pirate LP and crash the Faction mods/ships market.

so my proposal is the addition of Assault Agents which provide missions remotely from any low sec station for players both from the Concord (if you have enough positive sec status) or Pirate (if you have enough standing) sides. they are basically like “spies” living in the stations and providing intel to their HQs in null. the LP obtained and its use is a matter of debate, i dont want to crash the market for pirate hulls and mods so i’d propose a special LP store with the respective Assault Fleets (much like with Resource Wars), the problem is the rewards.

apart of the LP the agents will give a sum of Isk for their missions and will help to the Security Shift change. perhaps giving a storyline mission everynow and then to provide a good influx of standing.

4 Faction Dominance sites:

these are special anomalies that spawn around the systems as the Security Shift tiers change. most of them are accesed in a way similar to RW sites (with a special acceleration gate) and have their own rules of engagement depending on the type and size (kinda like FW plexes):

-Supply sites are similar to Resource Wars, they have a focus on mining X amount of resources from an asteroid field while defending from an enemy fleet

-Intel sites are exploration based and consist on succesfully hacking a series of structures in order to either retrieve salvage or blackboxes from an old battleground or to take control of a comms center for your supported faction

-Escort sites are solo PvE combat sites that throw the player on defense and support of an allied convoy against an NPC gang.

-Skirmish sites are solo combat sites that throw the player against another from the other faction

-Battleground sites are gang oriented and throw groups of up to 5 players against one another

-Siege sites use a Beacon and are fleet oriented, they are based around the destruction/defense of a structure during a vulnerability period.

so basically there’s 3 NPC and 3 PvP sites. they range to different max sizes and rewards. unlike FW the sites have a chance to have a faction spawn or get a faction drop (perhap even a BPC for certain stuff). this is still theory so i dont think much of the rewards so its open for discussion.

5. Interaction with FW:

well basically most of the written stuff could be used as a replacement of the current FW infrastructure. but imsure many people will complain so i was thinking that these were aimed for the non-Warzone regions. in the case that it was actually useable as a concept for a Low Sec revamp this should be able to be easily applied to the whole of Low Sec.

the chance for a 3 or 4 way warzone would be cool to see but im not sure if the system would handle it so for those formerly FW system it would probably be something like FW + Local police vs Local Pirates.

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