Things that would absolutely shift the dynamic (shake up eve)

  • Removal of high sec suicide ganking
    shifting all this into the war system would be interesting

  • Shifting all the local’s into blackout mode
    this would absolutely change the way in which war targets hunt each other

please note, i never supported blackout mode like wormhole space. i always believed it should be on a 5-10 minute timer. I despise the wormhole local mechanics.

  • Reworking the building mechanics, so that low sec favors super cap production
    possibly done by allowing the dropping of new upwell structure for this purpose

reducing a lot of npc null space
like dropping down the size of stain empire (etc), so that more of its space can be conquered

  • making npc null sec conquerable
  • think about it, a null sec mission alliance, why is this not a (major) thing yet?*
  • Reducing the sizes of high sec empire owned space
    and making more low/null between may be a way to spread out population and validate low sec more

  • removing the jita/amarr access gates
    lets face it, the transiting between the two is far to quick lets shift some of that around

  • Introducing a tax system that will destroy the concept of “trade hubs”.
    for example, stations tax go’s up to 20-30% if the system is highly active stations, and even more for system / region. if we had a tax system which made it less desirable to post in a specific station, and specific system, and specific region we’d instantly distribute things around eve this would generate a traders dream - land

- if all pirate factions held sov
like empires do

  • If instead of having multiple stations, we had a few types that upgraded (small>medium> large)
    this would create massive unity in a corporate directive bringing players together

  • If npc corporations were removed or only for trial /new players
    this would force that population to distribute into the entities in eve

Oh look, now the OP has decided to fluff out their “REMOVE HIGHSEC PVP I HATE IT WHEN I DIE” whines with a bunch of random bad ideas so it’s not so obviously a pointless whine thread. Too bad they’re still terrible ideas.

PS: shouldn’t a “game design prodigy” like you have already built your supposed EVE competitor and run CCP out of business by now? Or has that lie, like your promise of removing the CEO of CCP, been forgotten about already?


This is a major thing already. Learn to look properly.

Why would you reduce NPC Null sec? 70% of sov null sec is currently unused, thanks to blackout. There is a ton of space that you can conquer now and even keep because no one else needs it.

Turning more space into sov space does not shake anything up.

Welcome back from your forum ban, but you should have stayed away. You are just as clueless, uninformed and ignorant as always.


OMG, what a collection of the worst possible ideas.

But then, OP is known for this so, not surprised.


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NO alliance, in the history of this game was founded and held a pure identity for null mission running. Not one. Not a single alliance.

I was not forum banned. Thanks. I was off playing better games and working on a project.

Well, I lived in an alliance for years that lived in Curse and Syndicate and who were Role Players running missions there a lot. And they prospered. And they held a good chunk of the region under their influence. And I had a lot of fun there with them. So, that argument is out of the window.

And if you look closely, you would know that FRT was founded in Curse, grew in Curse, prospered in Curse and started their conquering of the area from there. And they still run missions there a lot. So, there is that as well.

Then there is DarkSide. They also lived in Curse for a very long time. They did not form for the missions but they ran them a lot to get ISK for their creative and interesting PVP activities. That’s another one.

And this is just Curse.

Stain, for instance, was the long time home of Coven from where they harassed the surrounding sov and also held sov close by at some point. Until that time when they went to Goons. There are also other smaller groups in Stain that live there and raid nearby sov.

Or Syndicate, which was home to a ton of groups like Sons of Bane, Ineluctable., Goons, INIT., Tishu, Clockwork Pineaple and others who lived there, in part grew there, fought over the region and the moons for income as well as access to missions.

This is only from the regions that I have lived in and from the times I have been there. NPC null sec is a lot more varied and interesting than you want to make people think. No one needs more Sov. Less Sov is the solution to things.

Terrible idea, still. Constantly suggesting the same thing with different wording won’t change the fact it is a bad idea.

Absolutely not, super caps are already a problem in SOV space and by no means should be even easier to make.
Best case scenario would be to remove capitals from low sec all together, with the changes to Cyno fields, it becomes even easier to do this. Allowing jump freighters to jump to covert cynos all that would need to be done is disallow regular cynos in low sec and disable capital usage on empire stargates.

Why, if you want conquerable space go to sov space.

Because mission runners don’t like the idea of working together because it allegedly causes lower ticks and LP per hour.

The concept of separating the empires with low sec has been beaten to death and last i remember the reason it wasn’t done was because not wanting to shock the system that hard. (Not that it would be that much of a shock to the system in comparison to what has happened as of late.)

they do, except for rogue drones, it’s in NPC null sec.

And that is exactly why CCP will do it soon in their pursuit for more chaos.

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And I hope they do, it would effect high and low sec equally.
The only cautionary point would need to include not creating choke points so that there are options to get between empires.

Non-jump Freighters and large volume hauling will die out unless something is done about them.

But you come here to mess up EVE just for fun?

Reason #54326236534 why only subs should be able to post outside of support forums.

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Which is why it would be vital to make sure almost no choke points are created. There should be a web of access through low sec making it possible to go between empires.
A fast path (choke point) should also be available but dangerous.

That is not what i said. I said, that were founded for the purpose of null missions. Actually, the closest alliance in eve’s history that i know of was forsaken empire, in fact their standings with their mission faction was so superior to others, ccp gave them 50 dreads and 10 carries (or something like that ) for a pvp objective.

Yes, some alliances do missions, but missions are not the purpose of alliances. They are a smaller activity, because lets face it, out side of the occasional “ore cargo expander” they really just dont pay all that well for group activities. To be honest, this is one of the major reasons i am advocating for the removal of split mission rewards, and shifting that dynamic to group bonus for rewards. So that if you do missions, you do not all split 1m, you all get 1m + another 25% for being in a 5 man mission group.

The above applies to all entities in eve. At the end of the day, missions need love (and it needs to happen in a way that encourages group activities via the income/reward system) and it has to happen in a way that prevents botting.

any time you, or your band of goon scum alts who try to troll people out of this game come and say something is a bad idea, i immidiately get a comfirmation that is the change that must happen in eve, and instantly.

I really really wish ccp would play with this. Just for a period of time do a no suicide ganking black out. AHAHA I would roll on the floor at you, and people like you instantly.

This would be the single greatest experiences eve has done. In fact, Im so convinced this is vital to this game i’m willing to stay eve would instantly get subscribers back if they did this. I implore ccp, no i beg them to test this as part of their “shaking it up” objective, and i implore them to do instantly.

force them to dock, and remove them vanishing when logging out will solve that problem. make sure it happens in a way that they are not in a protective state (like pos bubbles) and warped randomly into some location in system. Then put a cap on the amount of caps, and the amount of supers that can dock at a time.

Further more, adding a “charge up to jump” mechanic to capitals, so they cannot instant dock/undock would be great way to bring them into the cycle of life and death.

on another note, i hate cyno’s and think that caps/super should just jump to a target system at choice.

Im not so sure about this. To be honest, im really of the opinion that low sec should be removed out right. Its just never really been the best for the game and i have yet to see any significant idea (out side of making non-war dec pvp in high/low impossible) that validates it.

Thanks captain obvious. That still does not rest the point of having them have empire related pirate space in a mass (maybe shift syndicate to low sec?).

Unlike you, alt reject #1230212
I actually care about this game.

What you care about is your ego and how to inflate it even more.


What is your point? Missions are terrible game design and a waste of time. Why does it matter if anyone has founded an alliance for the sole purpose of farming such unenjoyable and pointless content?

So that if you do missions, you do not all split 1m, you all get 1m + another 25% for being in a 5 man mission group.

Oh good, back to this terrible idea. Do you still not see the problem with getting 5x the rewards by putting four alpha alts in your fleet while you farm your missions? Or are you well aware of how abused it would be and just trying to convince CCP to buff your farming?

Terrible ideas.

-10 on all of them.

This is amazing, we agree about something?

The problem is deeper then how we feel about this though. To be honest, the most significant changes that come to fixing eve comes from playing with the original code. Imo ccp should bite the bullet and go at it on a test server.

The greatest improvements to this system undoubtedly would be to remove splitting rewards for missions, but on an almost equal, possibly higher level would be npc combat improvements, specifically those that come from making players change up their interaction in “phases”. Until these two changes are met, its unlikely missions will ever be anything more then a waste of time, or if better then that, a sub-par form of income and game play.

Here are the school of naari, we love questions like this, they are a great learning experience for young students of game design like you.

Founding an alliance for a purpose is a strong evidence of validation of content. The fact that no one has done this shows, at the very least in the minds of players, its really not the most efficient way to do things.

Lets fast forward to another, similar form of game play. What is the most significant, and well through out and implemented form of combat in pve in eve? Incursions. They require a significant amount of understanding of whats going on, and significant forms of team work, builds, and are well suited as a form of end game expressive content.

So why dont we just shift the aspects of incursions over to pve, on a less, statistically (Ie life/damage/etc) challenge scale?

Would this not improve missions, and pve as a hole? IF this is the case, lets implement these changes directly to hubs in null also. This would bring about a massive demand for cooperation in content in pve ratting, and with the small change of “bonus” instead of “split” reward systems, we’d be going strong, significantly in the right direction.

TLDR: IT matters why people do form alliances for things, because it tells us the state of the health of those aspects of the game.

I mentioned the botting/alt issues, and they are corrected fairly easily, however, the issue is that those changes likely require changes to base code.

For example, if the missions were 24 hour based, and it was less about doing things from the one agent, and more for the entire network of agents (faction) we could get people to move around a lot. This would require much more effort to bot, and potentially increase chance of exposure of identifying bots, which results is faster bans of abusing players, and if they are not abusing, then they have down time / travel time. between locations.

Another idea is if the missions themselves are shifted to a more group oriented scale, we’d see a lot longer and more complex interaction required, and that would make botting significantly more difficult.

On a technical side of this (for us devs) this would require significantly high end coding, and many people in eve are unlikely to have the ability to create botting software that cannot be detected at this level (if you are a ccp alt like i expect, you will probably understand what i mean here).

Lets do devils advocate here for a moment.
Since we know for sure people are botting missions (due to ccp directly saying so in the simi-recent trade mission nerf), why do you feel its important to keep a mechanic that could potentially and effective encourage grouping in this form of content, being that the negatives are already present?

Missions are dull for me, if they want to buff my farming for it, they’d have to make it far more interesting, at least to the level of incursions.

I do not care about my ego. You may think that, but many who are intellectually challenged may feel “small” in the presence of people who are not. Its just a natural, instinctive form of threat at a very primal level. Some where in side, you may feel c challenged by me, or anyone else of superior intellect or knowledge, not because we are smarter and know more, but because you have insecurities of yourself. That does not make me egotistical, or arrogant, it just makes you insecure.

I never said, I know everything, nor do i pertest to this. In fact its my religious belief that knowledge begins and ends with “I do not know”, but craft is craft, each person has their own, and my craft is game design.