Age of Chaos, Removal of High sec Ganking


This needs to be tried for 3-6 months. You need to take this step ccp, to recoup the player base. Take this step for me and validate my positions (this will be evidence for you that my positions will help you heal the lost population, and restore the game to its former glory). If it does not work out in a few months, or half a year, you can reverse it.

You have a 10 month life expectancy left on eve. Make the change, and lets heal the game.

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Get lost newbie scammer.
Your ideas are all about what will benefit you the most, nothing to do with the player base.


Lmao, oh boy, look who it is again.

Remember this:

Hello I am Naari Naarian and I am running for CSM 14. I have been playing since 2003 and have countless hours played on this game. I have FCed for many well known alliances such as BoB and other major alliances. I have won countless battles as well in my EVE career.

Why vote for me?

I stand firm that we need to keep our new player base and that with 80% of EVE being PVE base we need to conform to their needs. I will advocate for the firing of Hilmar an bring in a better CEO for CCP. I believe he is the reason EVE is a total ■■■■ show today. I will also make PVP without consent a thing of the pass and eliminate highsec wardecs.

I have countless hours of being a developer and see the abuse that players who inject new characters have done to this game. I will also remove capitals from the game as they are extremely unbalanced and need to be reworked. As well as make a ship class that is inbetween Battleships and Carriers to help balance the current meta.

For all the lies about the “countless hours being a developer” and FCing for “many well known alliances such as BoB and other major alliances” (even though no one knows who you are and reject that you were ever part of those alliances), at least it’s good to know that there’s one thing you won’t lie about.

It’s being a coward. Look at all of these threads crying about ganking, wardecs, and other general pvp in highsec. For someone who used to FC a “major” alliances in nullsec, you seem to be very occupied with a natural part of the game.


@ISD_Buldath Can you do clean up of the off topic posts, and deal with the constant spam of nonsense?


@ISD_Buldath can you close this post? OP is obviously trolling and spamming, he’s made like 10 previous posts on removing HS ganks


Oh look, another thread where we may let everybody know what a crappy person this player is…

Funny how you seem to believe anyone gives a rat’s ass what your suggestions to “improve” the game are, without even realising the very title of this silly thread is an oxymoron… :rofl:

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But but but he said that it was his ideas and it was because of him that CCP implemented the other stuff.

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Did he? In some other thread I guess? Damn, I seem to have missed some of the fun…

I only remember he claiming he’s a game designer that knows better than CCP, but he prefers to play EvE instead of the games he designs himself nonetheless…

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Spectacular post- would vote for CSM/10. /s

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Does this guy not get it? No one, especially CCP takes these forums seriuosly.

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Oh look, another whine thread from the liar and fraud. Highsec ganking is already effectively impossible against smart players, only stupid and/or greedy players are losing ships to it. Stop being terrible at EVE instead of demanding even more nerfs to PvP.

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How, exactly, do you intend to “turn off high sec ganking” without changing the mechanics into something unrecognizable to the EVE populace?

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For any NEW player, THIS thread is a must read as it describes who Naari Naarian is…a total scammer. Stay as far away as possible.

He runs what is called a confidence scam. He uses these forums to show potential new recruits that he’s fighting for the little guy and to also make boasts. After the new player is impressed, they join and eventually the “requests” for ISK start to come as documented in the link. Don’t fall for it.


I’m so ■■■■■■■ proud of you guys right now. <3


I did say that a few times actually.

My game is still in development, my friend. Coming soon TM

I recommend you guys read it, all of it. because you will see that people like runa here are the real scammers, trying to get me to quit eve because im trying to break the way they play it.

They are the ones that are abusing people, and being douchebags. Read it, and see the proof that what they claim is lies.

Actually I could care less what you do. It’s new players that I’m warning…BTW, you break wind, that’s about it.

Yes new player, please do read it is as the he suggests…he’s garbage.

Oh so now I’m a Goon…lol…

I’d like to remind what type of player OP is:
and this piece by his alt:

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I confirm these messages, and i still stand by them. Taking eve in a different direction is its only hope for a future. Further more, the shift to even more complex aspects has done nothing but removed the already limited pve-casual population from the game, all so you can force what remains of them to do your form of content, so they can resist playing the game and paying fr it in any health manner.

You had nearly two decades to prove your complex, oriented form of game play is good, and like every complex game showed us just how unsuccessful it really is.

Mean while farmville and fornite are racking in players and dough.

Thanks for again providing examples of your own stupidity.