War Declaration Changes for Pirate/Criminal Entities

Another way at fixing high sec criminal activities are as follows

  • Criminal activities now significantly reduce the alliance, and corporations standings with high sec empire entities.
  • As they progressively reduce, war declarations become even more expensive, increasing the payment rate even more.
  • Eventually, the corporations and alliances will be blocked from docking rights by empires outright, and all members part of the organization will be aggressed, regardless of individual standing with said factions.
  • After -2.5 rating on corporation/alliance level, concord will fine the corporation a set value of isk per a transaction directly removed from offending members of said body’s wallet.

I kinda like the first point. The rest no.

WTB downvotes

EVE is not the Carebear haven you what it to be, it’s a dystopia.

Oh look, more of the OP’s same old bleating about turning EVE into a risk-free PvE farming game. No thanks.

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