@ccp, This is what you need to do

Hello CCP. Its been a long time coming, and iv been here for almost all of the games history give or take. So here is the steps you need to take (from a fellow dev).

This post is not intended for players, it is intended for you all to read through it and really understand where you are making the mistakes with eve online, and as a development studio.

You need to start sticking to your word. If you announce something is going to come out, stick to it. You are developing a relationship with the player base that you “cannot be trusted” “say things that never happens” and so on. If i was to gather, the designer leads are wanting to throw stuff in with out looking deeply into the development resources and time frames that can be fitted to the project. This is basically ending in you breaking your announcement plans.

The Drive as money is are horrible approach for your business model. Its screaming desperation for money. The key to long living games, and income is not spam of income, it is good player base. Your going to have to talk to the board and get them off you enough to start making changes to the game that fundamentally fix problems that are keeping people out of it, or keeping people from being abused (and leaving as a result).

I would start looking into

  • How complexity is destroy your potential population rates
  • How abusive war declaration systems and mechanics are really hurting retention rates of players who are bullied into station camping. Maybe a swap of war mechanics from attacking players in high sec, to attacking assets (Stations, instead of ships) and making it so that they can start attacking ships down in low sec.
    • you could potentially look at making it so that war decs need to be mutual in high sec to be allowed. Either way you need to decrease the amount of income high sec pirates have, and or increased war rates. Try looking into a new mechanic which increases the current war decs the longer an entity is consistently at war.


  • You need to start looking at breaking up the population. I know this go’s against the ethos of the game, but there is bigger issues then you backing off the larger battles.

Intellectual companies keep doing research on their games, looking at how often people log in, and so forth. You seem to have completely let this go out of control. You need to start adapting the game in a way that causes more content to be provided in shorter intervals, specifically around the 30-45 minute mark to fit more casually playing player base.

Breaking up the population in eve, and the super coalitions will significantly improve the content access of pvp, will help reduce the extremely larger loads (which are costing hundreds of thosands of dollars each time), and will provide more natural life cycles to nullsec entities. You could also start looking into some sort of supply system that limits the deployment type, or count of capital and supercapitals. putting fuel use when they are undocked on them would potentially stop them from being deployed ratting (especially if the station itself made the fuel instead of the player).

All of these sorts of break up mechanics are highly important for stablizing the power shifts in the game, for providing more content and so forth. I call your attention to the though of a eve where the largest bodies are only 1000-2000 players. Its ok if we got 500 v 500 battles, the tidi is more reasonable at that level. I have it in my mind to write your board about how addressing this specific issue of massive fleets is one of the major expenses you incur yearly, and how the millions it involves could be saved.

You need to start looking at getting rid of multiboxing etc. You need to clean up the corporations and alliances that are inactive and set up some sort of system to dump them after a month of inactivity in them. if players want to reopen then, they can simple recreate it. all of these issues are directly related to the activity levels of the game, if people are in corps full of alts, they get bored and stop playing. this is significantly hurting your retention rates. YOU NEED TO REDESIGN MINING AS A BASE MECHANIC!

Back on the business model a little more. 60$ a month is insanity. We both know how valuable it is to have a steady income monthly. You need to reduce this to 20$, and make it a full on subscription option only. If you subscribe to the game, you get all three toons in training a month. Leave the plex as if, which pay for individual subscription times.

On the note of injectors, you need to ditch extractors. make them a bought item on the shop that is sold. If players want to sell them, they will buy them and sell them from the item shop, as it should be. and finally, look into other cosmetically oriented options for stations. Skins, or even models alliance leaders can buy to swap out the looks of stations to spice up the alliances awesome factor. Models here i emphasize would be an excellent addition to eve, not only for money, but for lore and wow factor. Bonus if you can make it so that alliance leaders can some how fit parts together that are uniquely looking like lego blocks building a fort.

Do these things, and the game will be much better off, with much more people.


Here we go again


You have a like from me.

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+1 for the OP

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Writes that with a 2015 character to give credibility to a lot of ■■■■■■■■. :joy:
At least you didn’t whip the “I’m a game designer” line directly this time, just indirectly with “from a fellow dev”. Have you read up on economics 101 yet, or are you still believing that removing PvP from the game will result not in super inflation, but actually reduced prices?

It is 11-15$ a month, based on the subscription length one pays for. Or 500 plex from the market. Everything else is purely optional and if you’re content with alpha restrictions, you can play completely for free.

I know you love to write about things you have zero clue about, but this one was so dead obvious it puts you into the negative.

Do these things and the servers can finally shut down at last, because you’ll have killed EVE.

I didn’t bother commenting on the rest. Follows the same pattern as above, just like all your previous threads.


The Clown is back


CCP is working on a new mmo didn’t you hear?EVE will prob go into maintenance mode when work on the other game starts

every new game CCP been working on went into maintenance mode

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  1. You are a very argumentative person, with all your alts. I think your damaged goods just looking for attention. Its kinda sad, to be honest.

  2. No one said remove pvp from the game. It was mentioned that pvp should be shifted to optional for high sec corporations. That is not removing pvp, its removing your abuse of new players. Its up to ccp to fix it, not you or me, and hate to break it to you but they already said its coming in septs patch.

2b. Inflation is not going to take place in eve, because the economy is reactive. If buying ships go’s down, so to does the price. that is not inflation, but if you took economics 101 you’d know that.

2c. Even if intlation took place, its easily corrected by modifying the values of minerals ore has so that mining ore produces less minerals, which off sets the prince of ships. There are so many mechanics like this in the game that are so powerful to balance the economy its not even funny.

  1. The game is not 11-15$. One toons training is, if you have a subscription, however, it is another 40-50$ to activate the other two characters. It should be 20$ for all three (as long as you are subscribed and paying directly).

I SAID REMOVE EXTRACTORS Then that injectors should be in the shop.
Injectors are in the shop, and they should be. Extractors force people to give up their training time, and is just another pathetic escape at a money grab by a ceo who is clueless about where real money is generated in game development (ie people). This is why the ceo of ccp should be fired, and the lead designer along with the ceo.

The game needs injectors to be cheaper and more accessible. This will speed up training rates for new players after they farm a little, which will get them really hooked on the game. This mechanic can be turned around to hook so many people so very quickly if done correctly.

Help CCP to remove extractors in 3 easy step!

  1. Buy as many extractors as possible
  2. Load all to your Leopard shuttle
  3. Fly autopilot from Jita to Hek

I have a good idea ! CCP Listen !

  • First, you need to remove ganks in HS.
    HS must be the place you can peacefully farm the missions in a 10B golem. Come on, it’s already forbidden to gank in starter systems !
  • Also, you need to remove the wardec system in HS. HS is supposed to be the place you can have 10T sitting in the citadel and not get it popped, it’s obvious !
  • Then, you need to remove ganks in LS.
    Because the difficulty from HS to LS is so important, beginners may go in LS and get ganked. Thus, remove the ganks in LS.
  • Finally, You need to remove ganks in NS.
    We want to play the game, not to be constantly present in NS to protect our assets in 8h-long TIDIFEST. The only way to solve this is to make citadels invulnerable and prevent ganks in NS.

In the end, only WH will still have ganks. I don’t care I don’t go there.


Anderson Geten 4 CSM you have my vote!!

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Linus is the only one I use to post on the forums with.

No, CCP isn’t stupid enough to kill their own game. PvP in EVE isn’t optional, it never was and it never will be. PvP is a core principle of the game.

You assume constant supply and constant mineral prices, neither of which is the case. If you remove PvP and thus destruction of in-game goods, ISK will quickly become worthless, leading to insane prices for everything. I already explained that to you in another thread.

Yet again proving that you do not understand EVE, nor economics. It’s not a case of “if inflation took place”. Inflation is taking place. All your changes would do is speed up the current inflation by an enormous factor.

The game costs 11-15$, everything beyond that is optional. It also isn’t a toon, it’s a character. If you want toons, go play World of Warcraft. Suits you more anyway.

So we can go and point fingers at CCP for lying yet again, because their argument with the current SP trading system always was that “those SP were trained on another character, they didn’t just appear out of thin air”. Granted, they broke that with their mini injectors from the tutorial and the daily alpha injectors, but those still have a rather minimal footprint and the alpha injectors are worse than just subscribing.

Which is the intended mechanic for SP trading. Yet another thing you don’t understand.

Hilmar may be absolutely greedy and destroy EVE with that in the medium-term (already has depending on who you ask), but he’s far from clueless. Unlike you, he actually knows what he’s talking about.

The game needs that cancer removed and I’m saying that as someone with hundreds of SP farm characters.

Yet again wrong. EVE is a niche game and it will only ever appeal to a certain type of person. That kind of person is not one of the instant gratification kiddos of the modern age. Your sentence is also a gigantic oversimplification of EVE that show yet again your complete lack of understanding and that nobody should take you remotely serious.


You need to address this to Hilmar; he’s their boss, and he’s the most likely to be persuaded.

I call BS. You been stocking me on alts trying to get my attention like a kid who has mommy daddy issues. Your style of self-absorbed logic is highly notiable. You attack the situation from a “oh, im a pvp high sec pirat alt, and i should get to farm newbz, lol”.

So yea, Not working here bud.

Limiting high sec pvp to being condition != all pvp being conditional. Again, with your “oh i cant kill the high sec noobs, boohoo” non

HOLY ASDJFAS@#$@#$@ Did you really just suggest that miners in all of eve will stop mining? Youve got to be kidding… Wow. Just Wow. Your pathetic. And with that another alt gets ignored.

No, it is not taking place. Things grow, Like skill points. Which has results, Like unlocking ships that mine faster! Wow imagine that! And what happens when people mine faster?! The economy grows, people make more money, and the market is infused with more development and economic trade, production, blah blah. Maybe you should get back in line and get a refund because your brain… not working so well. I bet your one of the slaves (minmatar). You seem primitive like them.

repeating your argumentative intellectually inferior statements does not give them credibility. Because you are to stupid to get it ill explain. We’re not talking about what it is, we’re talking about what it should be. Do you understand, Slave?

No, it does not. The game needs the skills to be reduced by massive amounts. Capping a level 5 in a week or two (no more). Since ccp does not want that, and more players do not the only solution to removing the power creep that is coming from this system is injector type options, that only added the second option of making money, which was a good move (just not the punishing extractor part).

ill explain in slave speech

Eh Hemmm…m. Player Play long time, get big ship. New player small ship. Small ship bad. Need balance.

I grow so tired of you guys spamming “niche game” Like its a game designed for you to run around and club newbs over the head with 1 shot attacks. Thank God most of the industry is moving away from this nonsense and you are drifting into a has-been nobody group with psychological mommy-daddy issues that were brought about when we enslaved your race.

Hey there OP.

Since you dislike wardecs so much… let me give you even more reason to hate it.

And every time somebody dies… I will evemail them a link for this thread as the reason for them dying. Because the amount of nonsense in your post… WOW… Just wow…


Every post I made in response to you was with this character. You’re just producing so much ■■■■■■■■ that even other people are jumping en-mass on that.

Quote it. Although you’ll have a hard time doing that because I never even hinted at that. I’m not a highsec pvper and I’m not farming newbs (unless you consider nullsec rmt-ers / botters “newbs”).

Let me translate: “I don’t understand game mechanics or how EVE works. I’m just some dumb 10 year old that thinks himself a game designer and I’ll totally make that although I probably won’t even be able to finish school with those bad grades”.
Like I said above, I’m not a highsec pvper. But unlike you, I’m knowledgeable enough to know what your change would inevitably lead to.

Thanks for showing for the x-th time that you fail at basic reading comprehension and don’t understand anything you write about. Just another pathetic liar making up words that were never said to make a point that doesn’t make any sense.

Just so you can figure out what the word actually means.

Then why are you still posting?

Yet again showing that you don’t understand EVE at the basic level, I see. Bigger is not automatically better.




So instead of just moving to one of those games you’re here crying about how EVE should be totally like those games :joy:


On one of those online tests I got classified as a sociopath OP may be onto something :slight_smile:

I actually just check his other post.

Nobody but himself seems to like his ideas. He sounds delusional to a point where he believes he is absolutely correct, even when presented with facts. Almost feel sad that people are going to get killed in EVE because of his retarded posts.


But not all ‘people’ are really people in EVE some are bots