This is it

I know, some people are gonna be mad, other will call me mad.

This is an objective view of:

  • EVE current state;
  • CCP NPC changes and the reason to;
  • Veterans not being affected by CCP changes and new players not getting they share;
  • Stale of the game content, shinier is not always better;
  • Opening design to survive more years to come;
  • Stoping the themed park moviment;

I decided to not post all the reasoning (my time and yours). Follow the new ideas to the game, some of them may not be possible due to technical.

Basically lots of ppl will be mad, but EVE needs to stop being so condescending with veterans and be back on the rails. Hate me now, thank me later.

High sec changes:

  • NPCs are taking control, no more POS;
  • No more security missions;
  • NPCs sell temporary permits to mine in HS, touching an asteroid without a permit gets you killed by that faction police.
  • Special missions from events to help defend HS against stuff (leaving CCP some room);
  • criminals cannot dock;

Rationale: So I’m fixing HS for good, it’s the safe and boring that AFK people want, and not so rewarding. We should not force people to play the way we want, but we also not gonna let them get riches with AFK.

Low sec changes:

  • Concord attends to low sec now, but it’s ok to avoid concord in LS;
  • This space is a NPC space rented to players, no more NPC stations, only POSes and they pay rent weekly to the faction;
  • FW is now a mission players can take to sabotage objectives in other’s faction space (stealthy and engagement);
  • Security missions are only given in LS now (agents and offices around);
  • L5 is now a capital size ship mission;

Rationale: This is the new fixed HS that should be done a long time ago. NPCs are the owners we are the renters.

New missions:

  • Stealthy, demands player to use stealthy tech to get enemy lines, kill ■■■■ fast or sabotage stuff and GTFO;
  • Engagement, semi burner missions where players fight AI that plays like a competent player and with a PvP fit. This is a PvP mission against an AI, and ofc, others can jump in and make things interesting.

Null sec:

  • Ratting does not give sec status anymore;


  • Don’t shoot criminals in their space;
  • Only criminals can dock in pirate NPC space;

Security status:

  • Only given thru security missions now;

Criminal status:

  • Only removed paying a bounty to CONCORD or after losing same amount of ISK in LS or HS by being exploded, it’s discounted progressively until 0;

I know this is going to be hard ignored and trolled why not, but I gonna sleep better.

Why CCP is making triglavians destroy Caldari HS? HARDWARE ISSUES, YOU FKERS ARE COSTING A LOT OF MONAY… MOOOOOVE!!! The game even loses performance in caldari space ffs.

Ofc CCP being CCP they always go for stupid fixes, so let me lend a hand where veterans can’t keep a monopoly of the game.


So… basically a solution in search of a problem.


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