Things that would absolutely shift the dynamic (shake up eve)

Since you want to see one of the more entertaining areas of space abolished and replaced with one of the most reprehensible areas of space, I very much doubt that.

-You think you are better than everyone else (including CCP)
-You ignore any criticism for your ideas because you think you are better.
-You took credit of blackout (has been suggested years before you thought about it btw), and then have
the balls to say CCP did it wrong when they didn’t implement it just like it was said in your post.
-You throw “I am a dveloper” out as some sort of a blanket defence/evidence that you are beyond a mere mortal (without any kind of proof of this legendary developer-status)
-Do I really even need to quote your last post?

Yes, this is an ego-stroke for you. If it wasn’t you’d be willing to discuss things instead of telling everyone how it should be. If you truly wish to make Eve a better game, get off your high horse and start discussing instead of telling. Take into account other players points of view and their way of playing the sandbox instead of trying to turn Eve into another WoW -clone. You keep telling us how you have been playing since the early days of Eve, but your posts show a serious lack of knowledge about the game-mechanics and the reasons they are what they are. You also ignore the fact that different games require different tools instead of forcing “but it works in popular games” or “It’s the industry standard” -rhetoric down our throats.
Eve isn’t other games. That is why we are here. We don’t want it to turn into other games either. If you want to improve Eve, you have to do it in a way that suits Eve, and that is not by turning this into a Space theme-park.

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No it doesn’t. It tells you which aspects of the game require alliance-level coordination, nothing more. Missions have high use but are effortlessly solo farmed in highsec. There is little or no need to organize a group around doing missions, and certainly no need to create a group larger than corporation level where the sole benefit is being able to claim sovereignty in PvP (something very much opposed to mission farming). The presence of alliances focused around an area of the game is only a sign of health if you make the absurd definition that “healthy” means “has alliances”.

And yes, missions are broken for other reasons, but the problem is way more complicated than just adding group rewards. You’re talking about a complete re-write of the entire combat PvE system, essentially creating a new game from scratch. And for what benefit? Combat PvE is still stupid and pointless no matter what you do with it, so you might as well leave missions as they are and put the developer time towards something more useful.

I mentioned the botting/alt issues, and they are corrected fairly easily, however, the issue is that those changes likely require changes to base code.

It has nothing to do with botting. Unless you have a complete rebuild of the entire PvE part of the game you’re going to have the same old PvE content we have right now. If I can solo farm a mission right now why would I group up with other players? I’m just going to put a few alts in my fleet, leave them parked on the gate into the mission, and continue solo farming exactly as before but with higher rewards. I don’t need to have those accounts using bots because they’re literally just sitting idle in space contributing towards the player count bonuses.

Yes, and so what?

Someone has to be right? Why not me?

No, I ignore useless goon scum alts who are here on the forums waging propaganda wars in an effort to stop changes to the game to keep power and monopoly over it. Oh Yes, I know your scheme, and i know your alt spam, though what eludes me is not that ccp does not know, is that you think ccp is not smart enough to recognize your stupidity.

Yep. Sure did. Problem with it? I advocated for this long before wormholes were in this game, but while we are on this topic, it does not matter who was first, what matters is who caused ccp to take the change on. In this case, I take credit.

Yes, ccp did it wrong.

Im not required to provide my credentials to you. If ccp wants them, they can ask for it.

So, threatened? Got it.

Conjecture, no one knows why the game is (still) “here”, and undoubtedly it has a lot to do with no competition.

No, i do not. And btw the way, suits eve, or suits you? I dont have to agree with your positions. Your not the dev team, and its not even the dev teams choice the changes they make to this game (its usually up to marketing / officers if that happens).

Yes it does, it absolutely undoubtedly matters. This could potentially be a point to draw out people from high sec, so the validation of the creation of mission specific and focused alliances is very important for the longer term health of nullsec, and even, ultimately eve.

PvP is not the only aspect of game play here, hell, its not even the major activity of eve (pve is).

This is exactly what i said. Missions do not provide motivation enough for the foundation of alliances, ergo, no alliances that are mission focused in null, but i covered this already.

False. If everyone is doing pvp as a focal point for an alliance, the ones focusing pve will not find places to exist, and grow in the game, and ultimately leave. As a result, all aspects of the game play must be on a equal footing in the aspect that they should offer progression, and end game content progression that is competitive to other aspects of the game (other wise the result will be people only doing one thing, effectively ending in the same result, or more specifically, the same result with more complaining)

You say its stupid, yet it dwards significantly any other form of content in this game. Have you seen where most of the isk comes from? trillions isk a month from ratting. You may want to reconsider the value of ratting.

First off, im not advocating for this, im advocating for groups not splitting rewards, and maybe buffs to the income and some improvement of the rat behavior / pve objectives. this is not an entire rewrite but lets go with this.

At any rate, Diplomacy, Ratting, and how you mine all need complete reworks, completely, utterly, from the start. They are out dated.

Look at the early development of star citizen. They called out ccp saying “we will not be ccp and have mining the same way for 10+ years”.

Many developers are on top of ccp for this, not just me, and pve (combat) as well as missions are not far off.

Sorry to burst your bubble. I am not a goon and I’ve never been. I don’t live in nullsec (Wormhole-space FTW!) and I don’t own alts.

See this here? This is your ego speaking.

Then don’t get mad when people will ignore you and your ideas. If you use “I am a dev” as your proof that we should listen to you, then be prepaired back up your claim if you want to be taken seriously.

Your a liar.

you say ego, i say intellect. What ever. I dont care about your opinion of me. It means nothing to do and is rather a waste of time pointing it out.

I think you misunderstand this. Im not here on the forums to get your approval, or even your opinion. It’s absolutely ■■■■ to me. You could not pay me to care about it. To be honest, any intelligent designer, or development team would have the same position. How many opinions do you see blizzard taking?

The truth is as developers, we really just dont have time for you and alt spam opinions. dont even read them.

As you have said: I don’t need to prove anything to you. Feel free to continue being ridiculed by both other players and most likely the Devs.

Not an alt, nor have i ever been part of goons.

WTF does this have to do with you wanting to allow supers to be made in low sec?

It almost seems like you create garbage topics knowing that they will get negative backlash from the community so that you have an excuse to be vulgar and nasty to people.
If something comes remotely close to something you kind of posted in a similar fashion you suddenly made that idea up and CCP is listening to just you.
It seems you are just a narcissistic troll hellbent on inflating your own ego by any means necessary.

Ah, Naari pretending to be a developer again.

Is this before or after you FC’d for all of the major nullsec blobs before moving and becoming a superstar FC in Wormholes?

Also, what happened to the CSM campaign? You made a post on r/eve telling people to not even vote for you because you already had the support enough to win.

These are all hilariously bad ideas from a kid who is still thinks that pretending to be something online is the same as having a qualified background, or even the experience to talk about things they’ve got no place in discussing.

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No, you’re just demonstrating your ignorance of game mechanics. The lack of mission-focused alliances does not necessarily say anything about the health of missions because the decision to escalate from a corporation to an alliance is not automatic. In fact, there is incentive not to escalate from a corporation to an alliance unless you need the PvP-focused goals of sovereignty warfare. Missions can have tons of interested players and even have those players organize into corporations without escalating to alliances.

In short, what you’re saying is the equivalent of “PvP can’t possibly be healthy because I don’t see any alliances using mining barge fleets against capital ships”.

It is profitable, but it is still stupid. The fact that CCP harvests money from a vast horde of masochists does not change the fact that PvE sucks. Nor does the fact that PvP alliances have PvE farming operations (many of them running bots because PvE is so boring) to fund their PvP.

First off, im not advocating for this

And that’s why your ideas are terrible. You’re advocating for a useless “fix” that does nothing to address the underlying problem that combat PvE in EVE is an idiotic mess that should have been removed from the game years ago. If you aren’t going to make a complete re-write that actually turns combat PvE into something vaguely enjoyable and interesting then there’s no point in wasting developer time on it.


Nobody at CCP gives a **** about the fact that somewhere in your vast sea of bad ideas you managed to advocate for something that countless people were already asking for. The only reason you take credit is because you’re a delusional narcissist whose primary goal here is masturbating over how awesome your fictional persona is.

Im not required to provide my credentials to you.

You aren’t required to by law. But everyone is going to laugh at your blatant lying and hold you in complete contempt as long as you insist that you’re a “prodigy game developer” without providing any evidence to back up your claim. You’re a joke, and you will remain a joke as long as you keep up this delusional behavior.

Thats your claim, yet, in all those sea’s of people advocating for this change, they just happen to do it right after i advocate for it?

Do you not use your head at all?

Wait, it gets better and the proof stronger. Did you notice they are also attacking the supers/coalition donuts? Which i was also advocating for.

Strange coincidence dont you think?

Not require to provide it on any baises. That is my personal information, and unless i deem it needed to release that information, i wont. Your children, and the primary reason i dont tell you is the moment you know who i am, what companies i worked for, and all is proven, you will wonder off as children spouting some stupidity like “oh but he worked on that game! oh ahh, its for kids”.

Which basically means releasing that information to you will do nothing out side of cause my and potentially previous employers headache, and tbh, your not worth it.

As i said before, your opinion means jack I would value a tree’s opinion more over yours and your criminal group. But like i said, “im here to kill the way you play eve, your time of abuse is fast approaching an end”.

Just because you among many others have agreed that something would be good to do, doesn’t mean that you made it happen when CCP changes something. Both ideas have been suggested before, even by the people who belong to the coalitions.

Until CCP comes out and gives you credit for it, you just look like a narcissist when you keep repeating your own opinion about it.

and just because someone suggested it before, does not mean they randomly decided to listen to them after i was advocating for it.

occum’s razor.

Is it more likely they decided to listen to past suggestions, or they saw a strong argument provided in the one that i gave, and decided to try it?

You guys are salty that they listened to me, nothing more.

Occam’s razor would most likely actually point the other way, as it’s far more likely that they saw it being suggested multiple times by multiple people rather than a singular person, no matter how big their ego is.

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This suggests that i was the cause of it, being the “straw that broke the horses back” In which case, I did cause it as stated.

In the end, you still lose.

I’m fairly sure there were people even after your suggestion, so you could have a contest who was the last one to make the suggestion, thus you are still not the winner here.

And did they also suggest the changes to the capital ships to?
And the attack on the breaking up on donuts carried out over many threads?

Or was that just random luck to?