Highsec Lobby Channel

No one is saying they shouldnt be allowed or encouraged to stay in hisec forever.

What we are saying, is that Nullsec and Hisec are different, and should stay different.

Just because you are in hisec, doesnt mean you should be able to experience everything that nullsec has to offer, without ever stepping foot into nullsec.

Ultimately, the risk is greater in nullsec, which is why the reward is greater too. And that makes sense. More risk, more reward.



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Doesnt quite work that way with lowclass wormholes and to be frank; i really am not sure why not.

Step back a bit and think that a Keepstar on it’s own will die to a half way competent fleet. The group I am with could destroy a hisec keepstar without a defending fleet no issues. If there is a halfway decent defending fleet then we would not be able to do it.

I would not answer you simplistically Leshak because it is much more than that, but if one is able to deal with the neuts of the defending Keepstar a certain number of them will destroy the Keepstar.

Is there an issue with nullsec entities having Keepstars in Empire space? CCP could quite easily say that the Empires refuse the ability to place them in hisec if they wanted to, and that anyone who did would have it destroyed by an NPC fleet. They don’t…

But the key thing is that the Empires could decide that Keepstars are a step too far within their territory. I am sure that the blue donuts would go up the wall over that but it is a perfectly logical decision for the Empires to make if they felt there was a threat. I often think that CCP does not use NPC’s that well, the Drifter action was an attempt in the right direction but ruined by poor execution and of course a howl of fear from certain bloc leaders. I would suggest that the Empires should be guarding their tax income…

I am totally fine with nullsec blocks operating in hisec, as long as the mechanics don’t make it a walk in the park for them. Don’t forget that should a war break out between them then they have to use sub caps. And don’t assume that the current agreement will hold forever.

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Hahahaha … no kidding.

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That sounds really boring, only a miner could brag about such a thing.


Butthurt much…

Perhaps you could pool together a chunk of those donations and all that loot you gained under that certain poor mechanic and put a Keepstar up because you can. A unfit raitaru is your current level of power projection…

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Station ownership has no real meaning in high sec. It doesn’t matter whether you own one, or don’t own one, it has no relevance. I have access to literally tens of thousands of stations in highsec, so in a sense those are all my stations.

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That is your opinion based on your situation and the limited gameplay you partake in.

I can dock at nearly any and every station in high sec (and low sec). That’s not an opinion, that’s just a fact! I have no use for my ‘own’ station, none whatsoever.

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CONCORD capitals is clearly the answer…

Don’t bother with people like that, literally it often is the Dunning-Kruger effect so that part that’s supposed to help them behave in a social civil manner so they can understand why things they spew are often met with disdain is just not a part of their wiring.

Im all for roaming NPC groups targetting and taking down citadels.

I dont think the blue donut will cry that much if hisec suddenly banned keepstars though, as long as the owner of the keepstar gets notified a head of time to pull his down. They dont really care if its a fortizar or a keepstar. They did a keepstar because they could.

They will be allowed to use Capitals, if the owner of the channel gets his way.

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Its still a local-free and concord-free space, which has some risks.

To be fair, @Kezrai_Charzai 's response to me, wasnt very well thought out or thorough or coherent, either.

I know, I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your reading comprehension is low, as usual, particularly if you find plain English incoherent.

You made a thread about the ‘Highsec Lobby Channel’. You make claims about the ‘Highsec Lobby Channel’. To wit: “they, as you can read, want to lobby for better rewards in Hisec without any of the risks” (your words, not theirs).

I pointed out that the stated channel goals do not include increasing the rewards of high sec, nor do they lobby for an environment “without any risks”.

I understand that you find it incomprehensible that your statements should reflect reality, but I assure you it’s a quite common requirement.

(Let me know if you need this broken down into words of one or two syllables, I’ll see what I can do.)

You based part of your assumption on a post within a linked thread, but since the thread is not the channel, nor is the post one of the channels stated goals, nor am I willing to read a 300+ post thread started by a Naarian alt, I’ll just have to stick to referencing the actual channel and it’s actual stated goals.

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They don’t lobby for anything at all. The channel is 99% filled with people associated with the questionable alliance “Silent Company” which hoards new players like the world’s going to end. They hide their structures behind holding corps. The only other people I’ve seen in there, are those who came from the forums, or those I’ve pointed at it. So far, the only activity I’ve seen in there has been created by myself.

Edit: added an “other”.


The forum thread to buffing hisec is included in the channel. And it literally says, “Threads buffing highsec”. I asked you if you read the link, because the link is quite relevant.

But even if didnt want to read that thread, or somehow thought that there was no mention of “Without any risks”, again, read the very bottom of the channel MOTD. It clearly states, and I quote:

I included a link to the thread, because it is quite relevant to the content of the channel. If you didnt want to read the thread, thats fine. But if you had read that, and wondered what he meant by that, or curious as to why he mentioned that, the thread is the reason why.

Maybe you didnt put the two and two together. But you are still, quite wrong in the fact that even without the thread, he clearly states that he does not want the risk, or “Nerf” associated with bringing supercapitals and rorquals into hisec.

Maybe next time you should read what the channel MOTD says, and ask what I meant by “Without any risks”. You know, instead of making yourself look like a fool.

I have tried as well, but no one seems to be speaking up.

They are truly living up to their alliance name.