Poisoning new players before they even understand new eden

Not content with trying to “wreck” high sec by trying to bring super capitals and titans to high sec, Sabus, ceo of ICANP is now trying to poison the minds of 10k+ new players into thinking this below, is a good idea. How he has managed to come to this conclusion is beyond me. Clearly has no idea how eve online works.

Good day Silent Company!

I wanted to take the time to let everyone know of a recently started public chat channel called: Highsec Lobby. This chat channel is dedicated to promoting awareness and mobilizing support for changes to the game that buff or otherwise help High Security space, where the vast majority of us spend their time making money and playing the game.

From the motd:

Our Beliefs:
1.) The core areas of Eve Online should be improved, as it will draw in (and retain) new players! This includes the starting areas, missions, enhanced anomalies, and more.

2.) High-Security Space can–and should–contain true endgame content on a par with null sec and wormhole space. It alright if this content is different in shape and form, but it should be a more satisfying place for players to grind within. Currently, the oft-stated dream of most players is to own a Titan/Rorqual, or fight in a meanginful war, So, some of us believe capital ships and supers need to have some option for ownership within Hi-Sec, even if there are different rules/conditions than Null Sec. Others of us disagree and want ultra-exotic t3 and faction battleships. Both are possible if they have PvE AND PvP content which is compelling for players to fly such endgame-level ships into.

3.) CCP should keep trying to link these two zones! The holiday filaments which transported people from high-sec into null-sec have proven this idea would be popular!

4.) Once again, we do like nullsec, but we also see its’ current limitations. A large percentage of new players never make it there. Or they do not receive enough wealth and training in high-security space to keep them in the game. We also must face one fact: many players are indeed “carebear” or they simply don’t wish to go to areas where they must live by strict player-alliance rules with the wild politics which are the bread-and-butter of 0.0 regions.

5.) Players should have choice within this amazing sandbox MMORPG but…

6.) We full understand some of our beliefs will be misunderstood. But to brush them aside… is to choose to ignore the daily life of most new players, PvE lovers, retired Null veterans, and those going in and out of Wormhole space.

High sec contains the majority of trade, daily life, and new players within Eve Online. It deserves constant core improvements, but also for many of the core rules within it to be completely shaken up.

Our Goals:

  • To assist the campaigns, and ensure voter mobilization, for highsec CSM candidates, so that more highsec players may get a set on the CSM.

  • To encourage new content to be released in highsec, whether extension of existing content into highsec, or new content made that is added into high security systems.

  • To prevent ill-planned nerfs to highsec, in the mistaken impression that such nerfs will get highsec residents out of highsec, when in reality, it could push many of them out of the game.


Join Highsec Lobby today and help make your area of space in Eve Online better!


How long will it take Concord to wreck my Jita smartbomb dreadnought?

Is this the right place to mention afk cloakers?? :grimacing:

ROFL !!! :clap:

WAH!! You can’t play your way! WWAAAHHH!!

You have to play the way I want and the way MY group wants to play… WWAAAHHH!!

WWAAAAHHHH!! :sob: :cry: :sob:

Translating: “■■■■ the poor and middle class.”

This guy is trying to gain a seat on the CSM. Not only that, he’s trying to gain a seat on the CSM by using farmers. Farmers, who will not end their screaming until they get what they want, because that’s what they do.

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lol I’m sorry

But unless your “rich” - No parent, has 4k to bust on a game. He is dumb as hell

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Wow. I gave up on that thread, but it looks like it is still going strong!

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Well, with a bunch of Triglavian capitals busily roaming high security space, blowing up those autopiloting Titans, we could be in for interesting times on the forums again.

Oh god can you imagine the tickets with the whining go into it? I’d hate to be the Gm who has to deal with that.

“i was afk at a planet having dinner and trigs blew my Avatar up, can i have it back please”

Gm scratches his head

“So we’ve looked into the data and the computer said ARE YOU BLOODY STUPID”

That’s really the worst part. The idea that he will have masses of stupid people clogging the ticket line. In any case, should we not be talking about how to deal with the problem?

At this point unless ICANP is kicked from SICO, he wil influence thousands of players into thinking this is a good idea.

I honestly don’t know, outside of ICANP everyone is calling him an idiot, I also know the SICO leadership are less than impressed with him so if he carries on, we’ll have to see.

How do you know that?

Just look at his threads. he has what, maybe a few supporters. But then I imagine he does this on wow forums

“allow level 1’s top raid at their difficulty”

But that’s really not the same as “everyone outside is calling him an idiot”.

Why dont we just ask?

Loving the thread wacky.

Good :slight_smile:

Well is what it is.

Not much anyone can do, he won’t ever make CSM so i’m not worried about it, I just like chatting on the forums, multiple screens so can chat on here whilst blasting npcs :slight_smile:

Im not to worried about it either, their alliance may have big numbers but they are not the most organized. The impact they have is more along the lines of a 30-40 man corp tbh.