Remove highsec already

Highsec is a sandbox in a sandbox. A protected area where i youre supposed to learn and prepare before you venture out into the “real” Eve. Problem is, people refuse to leave and they vacuum space with their skillpoint advatage and experience leaving only breadcrumbs for newbies.

My first thought was along the line of “New players need a safe haven where they can try all the cool stuff they train skills for and not having to compete with said adults.” But that would only create another sandbox within the sandbox thats already in a sandbox. Get it? And things would be better there for the newbie and so some would stay creating the original problem all over again.

Highsec must go. It’s cancer. Seriously. It’s a growth that stands in the way of new players forcing them into the only area where they can compete. Agent missions. All other “opportunities” in this game is subject to fierce competition as there are experienced players who gladly stay in highsec grinding veldspar or exploration.

The solution for me as a returning player is to simply go to lowsec and try things out. I can do that because i know things are way easier there. Sure more things will get exploded but on average i will make more isk so it evens out. In lowsec i can try all the things i want to try. So many opportunities because competition is almost nonexistent.

New players can’t see that. All they see is highsec and they most likely feel the way i felt before i left. Choked to death by the frustrating inability to do anything worthwhile. If a new player feels that isk is hard to come buy then losing your ship becomes a serious threat so they stay in highsec, preparing, until they quit. Highsec teaches new players that eve is a grind and that its dangerous to go outside, but offers no “take this”.

At least give new players the opportunity to start the game “hardcore mode” and drop them directly into lowsec. Learning that you respawn just fine after losing that first newbie ship is the most important lesson Eve has to teach. And earlier is better. YES i know it would be a gank fest but give them teeth then, an improved newb ship… or a lesson in how to gtfo.

Discuss, or not, i don’t care.


Go away. Low-sec and null-sec have been rigged for years. Unless you got in on the ground floor a lot of content in this game is beyond reach.

People continually call for the abolition of high-sec in the vain belief that it will create content for low-sec players. The reality is that low-sec players generally screwed up low-sec space to the point where most players don’t want to venture there, so you end up with players who do their own thing in high-sec, move to wormhole space or become a standing minion in null.


Here is where your argument runs into a problem. Eve is a sandbox. It is for whatever people want to make of it. Just because YOU see high sec as a place to prepare to move to other areas does not mean others see it the same way. That is your version of the sandbox, and now you are calling for all other sandboxes to be destroyed.

I have played this game for a very long time (13 years in July). At one point, I was also a noob. Somehow, I figured out how to play the game and set forth creating my own sandbox. This was when the game was still very new, and there was far less access to out of game information and third party tools. If those of us who started the game back then can do it, then new players can do it now.

If you don’t like high sec, that’s fine. Move beyond it. Create your own sandbox, but leave that of others alone.


Oh LAWDY! Won’t someone think of the childrens!

Oh NO! I think the OP is contagious… I, too, have the vapors!


But it IS a place to prepare because thats where new players a put. What we do with it is another story and idk really. It’s the combination that ruins the game for newbs.

It’s only the place to prepare if that’s what you choose to do with it. For others, that is where they choose to play the game. You don’t speak for all new players.

I don’t believe you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’ll give you a like even though these threads are constantly posted like clockwork by low/null sec players.

Ask yourself this, why do the majority of players in this game stay in high sec space?

I can tell you it’s definitely not due to super high rat Bounty’s or leet Modules dropping all over the place, nor is it due to an overabundant supply of ABC rocks or Blue Loot.

Since high sec space is the lowest ISK generating space in the game, ask yourself why do the majority of player’s insist on staying there?

Here’s a hint. It starts with CON and ends with CORD.


Concord is the highsec solution to the problem but not the answer to why?


Fear. Not so much over the loss of items but losing in itself. To make sense of this they argue that loss is wastefull and reckless and only stupid ignorant psychopaths would ever induce that horrifying feeling of failure on somebody else.

People who are afraid of spiders hate spiders.

Every single pvp:er ive met shrug off loss like its nothing. Because it is nothing. And if newbies are exposed to that from day one it wont matter to them either. Current highsec inhabitants are a lost cause. Play however you want but give the newbies a choice.

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I got reminded yesterday - and rightly so - hi-sec can be dangerous. I got way too comfortable and someone saw that. Lost a Prorator right out of Emperor as I was lazy using safe undocks, aligning and warping out and was just drifting out of station * KABOOM *

If you removed hi-sec and you have one of those periods of loss in Eve - how would you rebuild? It’d be near impossible to start off with nothing or very little again. Given the chance to gank - most players will gank. No hi-sec would just be endless gank - it’d be awful.


You start with nothing or very little because you also start very safe. If you increase risk for new players you would need to also adjust their abilities/rewards/costs.

Or something.

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Removing hi-sec would also impact manufacturing intensively, it would put that much more pressure on the market - freighting which is already a risk in hi-sec would become harder. Every corporation would have to become militarised and that would force a singular game-play - doesn’t sound fun.


You seem to really be having a problem understanding the concept of a sandbox. Some people just don’t want to deal with the environment of low sec and null sec. That is their choice. You are basically saying to all of those players that their desire to live in high sec doesn’t matter, and they need to play the game the way you want them to. That is not a sandbox.


Well when i wrote remove highsec that was a bit over the top. Read move instead. Move it. Its in the way. Up, down or into a corner. Dont really care but right now it’s hindering the game as an organism. It’s a chokepoint. A big one.

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Does it? Why? In Null sec in particular you are reduced to a number in the tax printing machines for your overlords. In High sec you can do all sorts of things on your own. If you fail at EVE, it’s not the fault of high sec, it’s the individuals’ fault for not being competent enough to research activities and learn.

You can compete over missions, too. I have no conclusive evidence but I see more and more suspect people in high sec in mission heavy systems, which indicates to me there are more people scanning mission runners and stealing their mission loot. There is also fierce competition over the lucrative high sec DEDs and even anomalies. Mining is also being fought over. Not to mention all the PVP in Jita and Amarr over who sells their things first.

Then not high sec is the problem but your incompetence. You did not leave high sec and find something more worthwhile outside of it once you started to feel dissatisfied or not challenged enough any longer in high sec. You apparently didn’t even try to engage in more challenging competitive activities in high sec before you choked on your own incompetence. That has nothing to do with the existence of high sec.

In highsec you cant do anything because someone else is doing it faster and better than you. When Eve was new, at release everyone sucked so it was fine. Now you dont stand a chance. You dont even get to learn unless you are som sort of wunderkind. Starting the game 2 jumps from Jita is all backwards. Start way out… not 0.0, lowsec is fine and the work your way in either directon depending on choice.

Starting in highsec now gives you the impression that everything has been done already when it really hasnt.


That’s the case with any competitive MMO. And if you feel oppressed by the hyper activity around Jita, I suggest you start as a different character race. When I started, I did not have these issues at all because I started near Amarr and some characters even in Gallente space.

That’s hardly a surprise since EVE has been there for 15 years. The same goes for low sec with the ever same camped systems and smartbomb camps, and in particular with null sec where the dominant PVE activities are Forsaken Hubs and Sanctums for the past 10 years. In high sec you at least have a wealth of different activities that you can chose from.

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Oh jeez, thread #3876765097 of “make people play my way or else”!

Did we really need yet another one of these?


Well bro, I think most people don’t like the idea of spending months of time building up something just to turn around and quickly lose it. It’s not enjoyable, turns that investment into a waste of time and basically sours their game experience.

Yeah I know, players should form corps and alliances to protect and help each other but that doesn’t guarantee anything, Corp theft, awox, intel spy, scams, blob war, etc. It’s all too prevalent in this game. That’s why there’s a lot of small player corps and solo action done in this game.

Sure Concord doesn’t protect but it is a deterrent that actually provides a small bit of security. That’s why there’s a large amount of players staying in high sec. Yeah there’s a lot of empty systems in low sec that’s full of game content but since players there can quickly lose what they spent months to get, most just won’t go there.

Anyway, as it is right now, high sec game mechanics allows players to casually log in and enjoy piloting spaceships in a somewhat safe environment without stressing out if that other player ship is going to attack them.

Personally I don’t like the idea that a lot of the game content in low sec space is just wasted and not being utilized. However if Concord game mechanics were to be applied to low sec, there would definitely be a lot more players going there.

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