Change Highsec - help newbros

Quitting Eve before making it out of Highsec is common.

For me, the main reason for that are crappy Highsec corps.
I created the “Foundation for a better Highsec” to counter those trash corps:

  • People are not in one corp, but just in a channel. Therefore new people can play wihtout wardecs
  • Everyone creates their own 1 man corp to evade tax, obviously
  • The foundation does not take money from newbros. No 10% corp tax or 90% orebuyback to fill the CEO’s pockets
  • We recommend joining good Highsec corps like Eveuni or Red vs Blue
  • We recommend leaving Highsec. Most new people are not aware that they can for instance, join Nullec corps on their first day. They don’t want to be a burden…
  • Of course we try to offer most things basic Highsec corps offer: Mission running fleets, small pvp roams, financial help with ships & skillbooks

I don’t care if s*it Highsec corps will always exist, but I want to at least create an alternative.

Actually, I’ve tried to create something similar in the past and got positive feedback, but it was too time consuming. It will be the same this time, so I need people to help me:

  • Hang out in chat, give advice on fittings/things to do in Eve
  • Run some basic fleets from time to time
  • Maybe hand out some free stuff (I don’t want donations to me)
  • Find “new” things to do as an Alpha (Just yesterday I noticed for the first time, that freeports in a wormhole are an actual thing)
  • Recruiting members
  • Create sub communities, language specific or not. Change your Highsec corp to a similar system?

If you’re a veteran player looking for a purpose, seeking to leave your mark on the Eve Universe, maybe take a leading role, build something up, see how difficult yet rewarding recruitment can be or just enjoy helping newbros, join me (Channel name: FFABH_pub).

Note, I’m not trying to create a new generation of carebears, just giving people a more relaxed start and showing them what Eve offers before they get bored/annoyed.

We have a peak of 21 members online at the same time, 2 days after our creation.

But I need more people helping me help those newbros.

sadly, the problem for you will be that as soon as it gets going (and good) somebody will WarDec you and ruin it.

At it’s core, that’s what EVE is … a PVP game.

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