Highsec Moon Mining


There are 260 systems in highsec with a total of 11k+ moons.

Currently there are no reasons whatsoever to fight over them because they’re plentiful enough that everyone and their mother can have one.

I would suggest limiting mining citadels to 1 per system so that people fight over the limited resources they currently provide.

It would help to take away a lot of the stagnation in highsec, and it would make conflict a driver once again in highsec.

Like any other thing, it will be abused by some, but it’s to the others to figure a way to take control

build your dreams, wreck theirs

Feel free to discuss/debate :slight_smile:

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As if there is not enough conflict in high sec as it is.

Tell me if I am wrong but Citadel, Forge, Domain, among others high sec, and 6/10 regions in the top 10 PVP destruction regions in the game are mostly high sec. From what I can tell, more content needs to happen in Null sec where things are at stake and not in high sec where you can PVP risk free far from your farming grounds in null sec.

That would go against current plans. Granted each moon only has one site that allows the moon mining to function.

you do realize its only the .5 systems right? no one is fighting over them because by design they are not worth much. they were added to give a way for hs corps to generate fun little mining events

260 0.5 with 11 600 moons (or around that number)

I did look before posting…

Why are they at the top?

Station Games/Camping

You are correct in saying Null is where more needs to happen. In fact, it is safer than highsec.

However, that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be conflict drivers in highsec. At the moment, the only PVP I get is from social engineering.


there are still simply better ways to make isk with less risk in HS if you have the force to fight over a moon then you get one in ls or ns that has real value not some moon in HS that you are lucky to get 1b a week off a good one.

also they are being killed as HS has plenty of kms of structures with drills fit

They’re killed because people like me have nothing better to do lol

It’s not over resources
At least not for my part

As I said, there is enough conflict already, and high sec has more conflict drivers than null sec to be very honest. Not only are the markets there open for all, which means you can gather alot more tax isk from supplying everyone, which creates conflict for market places. Mining also creates conflict, especially since the introduction of refineries to monoplize reprocessing income in certain area. Ratting in the form or DEDs and events also creates a lot more content in high sec than elsewhere because of suspect baiters and loot grabbers.

What conflict drivers are left in null sec now that citadels forcefully cement entities in place and income is uncontested.

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they don’t have resources worth fighting over

they are low value and anyone can mine from them

why pay to put one up in HS when i can just mine with little to no consequence with a bunch of npc corp miners

clearly if people like you are killing them just for fun they don’t need added scarcity to cause conflict

Let alone that it would then be very easy to monopolize them by big entities that you cannot just kill out of the system for fun.

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I want to create conflict between groups… the same way people fight over R64s in Null

Have Lee’s moon, but slightly better ones and people will go at each other’s necks to get the better stuff

The anti-content is strong with some of you tbh
EVE is about conflict, not about peace and love and rainbows

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this would not add more conflict all it would do is eliminate the current purpose of just being a fun thing for hs mining corps

So you’re telling me nullsec groups are only doing it for fun too?


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if you have enough to fight over a HS moon you have enough to fight over a LS or NS moon and see greater returns.

this will not add conflict only remove it as the moons get help by large groups and remain uncontested because the other groups will look to better moons rather than waist their time

how are you this dense null sec its about profit but there is no profit in HS moons. there are countless other less risky activities that require less initial investment and have higher returns

So, let’s see what we have:

Citadels/POCOs (Structures)
Mercenary Contracts
Baiting/Social Engineering

BLOPS/Hot Drops
A2AD (Anti-Access Area Denial) (that is, essentially, structures/citadels)
The ability to PVP anyone at any time with no cost other than potentially your ship.

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You forgot the fluffy bunny poops. I mean War Decs.

and yet there is still more conflict day to day in HS than there is in null go figure. its not about how many things you can do but how many people are doing it

currently in your average HS there will be maybe one moon worth over 1bisk if any at all. there is already the scarcity you want. just because there are a lot of moons does not mean there are not still a few moons worth far more (relatively at least) than others