Engineering complex near Jita

Is there a nearby Engineering complex near Jita other than in Perimeter. Cause the system index is high.

Most structures near jita have been destroyed or taken down.

You can use the structure browser in the neocom to find a close by complex. The Tranquility Trading Tower is a secondary Market set up by nullblocs

That is incorrect. Systems around JITA is spammed with various structures.

Even when structures are destroyed in less than a week there will be new ones. As for engineer structures. There are, most are private but you will see public ones.

ah, i know the systems i usually frequent a few jumps out of jita, either they are private structures, or they were destroyed, haven’t been to jita except to find the CCP monument a few months back, so i wasn’t entirely sure on the structure placement.

Then you are lucky, but did you really have to use that expression?

I meant gate camps

Because of Jita and all the players around, the volatility of any assets is high. If you build anything expensive there, it will be destroyed in a matter of days as soon as it’s in space. Also any kind of ressource processing there is highly competed and gankers are usual guests.

I’d say it’s no fun to do that around jita.

Alternatively: Neocom → Utilities → structure browser

This, unironically.

Okay what about a high sec island?

Why do you want a EC? Have you done the calculation for an NPC station with small system index value? Often this is competitive, except no time bonus.

Yes I have, and it seems the lowetest tax rate is in ikuchi.

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