WTB Mercenaries for C2 WH Defense Contracts

We are currently seeking our home, a C2 Null/Static. This may not come easy. We may need to evict.

Looking for mercenary quotes for pricing an eviction, and separate defense controls once the hole is secured.

We will run our doctrine, you bring your own. We will attempt to hold hole control and your leaders should be ready to deploy at any moment.

Reply here or PM if interested.


this is a good opportunity for smaller mercenary groups. offensive contracts also available.


What is the size/expected level of opposition? Timeframes. pay terms (X amount of ISK per kill; X amount of ISK per day/week; Kill this astrahus for X amount of ISK etc)?

If you don’t want to discuss this openly on the forums in too much detail, feel free to hit me up on Discord ( Davak Kateelo #4477 ) or in game mail (although discord is much preferred!).

If you are just looking for a new home and don’t have detail yet, please still contact me if you’d like! I specialize in helping smaller corps and locating attractive wormholes!

Talk to you soon o7

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