High Sec War Dec by Hell dawn...Structure Defense

Hello, I have a structure that is getting bashed by Hell Dawn, and I’m looking for people to help defend my structure! You don’t have to be at war with them or anything, you can bring logi! Anything helps at this point!

“It will exit reinforcement at 2020.02.26 19:18 and will then be vulnerable for 30 minutes.”

Does this time frame work for you? If so, Send me a mail in game and I will get back to you ASAP with the location and other details if you have any questions! It is near Amarr so I can tell you that much…

Any and ALL help is appreciated with this one. They may bring blaster talos, or they may bring leshaks, theres no way to be certain, but we will need some firepower if we are going to bring these guys down!

I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reply here or in game!

I suggest learning what happens to logi not in Corp in high sec.


what happens?

They turn suspect when helping someone with a Capsuleer timer

Uh no.
They get Concorded.


Why would anybody help you? Do you have any incentive to spend time on it?

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The toon you are posting on is pandemic horde and the citadel in question is an alliance of around 800 members…why are you trying to get neutrals concorded to defend a cheap low power citadel for major null sec alliances that wont fuel it or defend it themselves…


Maybe he wants help removing it

Bad news mate…


Have you noticed at least 3 posts today popped up regarding people not knowing about that? Its wierd.

Could have been some amusing losses…, except for the safety of course, come to think of it. But just noticed someone got Concorded for boosting so you never know.

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This isnt my main, this is my alt that just happens to be in pandemic horde man…

So why would anyone bother helping you out? You have offered nothing, shown no understanding of the mechanics you’ll be fighting under, and can’t even be bothered to post on your main. What’s in it for the world to pull your ass out of the fire?


Ok so you’re soliciting help but won’t even be upfront to people about who they may be helping?

It’s Banderlogs Alliance, 790 members with 780 kills this week. We are 3 dudes, maybe I should be the one posting anonymously for help?

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Why would I post on my main? That just sounds like a bad idea… Don’t need to attack me dude…
But anyway, Wouldn’t some isk change someones mind? I’m not asking for this for free lol, I know it probably sounded like it but hey, I know nothing can be gained from getting anything for free.

You should treat it as lost and move on. Your best option is to make friends to be able to pull people in to save it, but it is something you needed to do before. But you would just waste ISK by paying someone who demand it upfront and not show up. It is going to blow up that is it.

The other day I was going to help someone, was going to bump and what they initially brought made me setup to switch a character into the corp, but they brought too much.

Hell Dawn will likely bring about 7 to 8 RR Domi’s at that time. It might well be lovin, he comes in Talos’s and stuff but can go up to Leshaks. He has about eight accounts. That 8 Domi fleet had 4 of his accounts active in it.

Whatever you say man

Legitimately curious: how could posting with your main get you into any worse a situation than where you are now, what with your citadel about to be smashed? Posting with an alt shows you have something to hide. Hiding things from the people you ask for help isn’t going to foster trust.

Not attacking you, just trying to give you an idea of what you should be doing (probably for next time).


My Lovin will not come with a Domi fleet. This guys best bet was to not keep his ■■■■ station in Low Power. These Citadels litter Eve like the plague and must be disposed of properly. Please bring a fleet to help save this station it will only bring us more satisfaction.


To be honest if he posted with his main we would probably now war dec that corp as well and try to find more of his structures. Might have truly been in his best interest to remain anonymous.