Two days ago, with nothing but a handful of Tristans, we have managed to push three of their highsec headquarters into armor!

If you are at war with BLACKFLAG, now is your time to hit back at them, and hit back hard! Join the war effort today at Mitsolen IV - Moon 9 - Prompt Delivery Storage at 18:30, EVE time!

If you missed this because of my incompetent posting lmao, don’t worry! We are planning to bring each of their structures down and we will be bashing their structures again soon!

Join Slow Children at Play for comms, or just show up there to bash with us!

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How did that go :slight_smile:

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Eve_SoloTac > Perhaps quarterly, or as needed. There seems to be a lot of interest in maintaining this coalition to destroy them. We are quite content to make them a focus for 2022, and grind their operations to a halt. With the numbers we are seeing, this should be quite easy to accomplish. Any groups who assist them are also on the menu…



Battle Report Tool (

How to kill 343 ships lol

Please can we continue to do this fight all through 2022.


Wow… Just wow… You people are so terrible…

Also big congrats to Doc Pervert for making us laugh even more than usual. Jita Holding forever!

Your posting isn’t the only incompetent thing here.

Oh i know the guy :slight_smile: how many times he ridicule you guys in space even as one man :slight_smile: it is hillarious… really would like to see you guys faces turning back from station bashes with empty hands lol.
I will get in too lets se whoelse more i can rally …

Will be so much fun .
Black Flag Alert channel - #17 by una_noche_mas I did not join even that channel because that was my point … now…

This on the other hand …is what i want … lovelyyy
Their loss already reimbursed ! Bring it on baby ! :)) lets fun

The OP can talk all he wants in space. At this moment, it seems that is all he is capable off.

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Really :slight_smile: just that one??? We all know @God_Emperor_Kane

This will be fun for all of us :slight_smile:

And we all know you, circumventing your ban.

We have all seen your shrills in local and once again, pretending to be part of it all actually makes me feel sorry for the SLOW guys.

:slight_smile: like I said. This will be fun. Lets keep the spirit up and bring best we can to space \o/
And no worry about them . They will only get good. You too. GF s in space.

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I doubt you’re actually playing. You didn’t know what MJDs or command dessies were ROFL.

So you’re basically just cheerleading in local? Ick.

We didn’t manage to break their armor, BLACKFLAG and Wrecking Machine played really well with a comp of EDENCOM ships (no way they’re actually being used) and Apocalypse Navy Issues, but we managed to score some kills in a hit-and-run op during the aftermath. Overall we had a lot of fun and I hope BLACKFLAG and their allies did too! We will be bashing their structures sometime in the future again, so look forward to more content :wink:

Good fight, well played, and Merry Christmas to all \o/


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