BLACKFLAG. HQ is on Armor Timer

In my opinion, it gets a 3/10.

Thanks for the content, Blackflag friends! Hope to see you soon.

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We know you have trying for weeks so last night on discord the people were told to leave you, let the try hards do the shield. I mean after weeks let them as least have something to show for it.


Did you really needed to come here to showcase your weaponized incompetence? Especially after failing so many times? I mean lol… 3 hours… 3 hours. Only took you 3 hours.




Training you for weeks actually. Blackflag has been comically serious about their warfare in internet spaceships, as demonstrated by your response, and that sort of seriousness should be framed inside the context of fun and amusement.

But please, do continue and we’ll (maybe) see you on the armor timer if you can find your way to your astra from Jita.

Looking forward to the content. Hope people show.

Super serious space ship pilots have entered the chat

So… they are serious about it but you’ve devoted weeks of your time to this task?

Uh huh.

Yeah I know. This is the only content I’ve gotten out of EVE in months so I decided early on that it was going to be what I spent my time doing.

So why are other players having such a dig at you, if you were doing this as an act of resistance and you had been stopped numerous times but had kept at it and finally got the RF timer then good for you. Eve needs more of your type of attitude. o7

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I just find it funny how a big group like Black Flag is being trolled so hard yet can’t do anything because the group trolling them in staging out of low-sec. Just goes to show that high-sec pvpers can’t stand with the big bois that fight in low-sec.

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Let us know once you have the perimeter keepstar on armor timer.

I always kind if funny when that’s someone’s response, low-sec groups could care less about stations, and if we do go for them its for reasons beyond “shooting station fun”, and most groups could care even less about high-sec stations.

So they do care?


Please, stop drawing attention to it. I can barely afford to keep it fueled.


So you take it equally as serious then correct?

No one cares about defending shields.

Except Cruisers Crew. They will drop caps to defend shields. top kek

lol, People still think like this in 2022?

Well yeah, because its true.

You’re so cute. The “big bois” who fly around FW space and have “Rifter” listed under their top ship on Zkill.

:rofl: You can sit back down now.

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Well first off that is not true, my top is is the Purifier. Also are you implying that you have to fly “big ships” to be the “big bois”? If flying the big ships makes you feel all powerful and what not more power to you, but frigates man those things can do some crazy stuff if you know how to use em.


This coming from someone who flies nothing but Leshaks.

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