Slow v BF

I’ve been following this war for some time and not seen that much written about it on the forums here, plenty on Reddit.

So first what are people’s take on this high sec war , the amount of corp and alliance jumping , the activities of both sides and now the open support that Absolute Order are now showing Black Flag .

Has Governor Lee made a mistake here by his actions in his support. ( No it’s not a Merc contract if anyone uses that excuse)

We all know BF and their antics , mercs , Poco defenders, and wardec , they made no qualms about it, it’s what they do.
On the other hand Absolute Order portrayed themselves as the protectors , many corps and player join because they believed AO were going to protect them, when in fact AO were the aggressors, using Mercs or gankers to force people to join AO , it would be interesting to know how many structures AO have taken over in this way .

AO also supported SRS and I believe had a lot to do with parabellums attack , which cleared them out of high sec .

I know many people say Eve is a brutal game and these things happen but I think that’s wrong . Eve can be anything it’s the players that create the brutality and there are plenty of players that think differently.

If you like the idea of fighting for an idea , if your corp has been wardec by BF for no reason and you suffered, or you got pushed ok of an area by AO or forced to join them. Maybe it’s time to join the fight and get payback.

Ps if you are interested in helping but don’t have the time to fight isk are always needed , I’ve started a gofund war plan , all idk sent will be passed on to slow war planners.

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It was nice to see how HALO became subservients of AO. It seems that Governor Lee’s mix of ganking and infiltrations makes the carebears bend the knee. I like it.

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I keep thinking flies around poop is a good analogy here

I think it is great. It provides content, and that is what Eve is all about. I have a finger in this pie…but that’s about all I can say. I would add, though, that I have sufficient chars that I don’t need to do corp swapping for most activities. Several of my chars are in permanently war eligible corps and don’t scurry off to safe corps when the wars end. That is how I prefer it.

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Slow vs Boyfriend?

I’m not getting it.

Or your not :wink:

I did mention who BF and AO are and would hope it was clear to people who read the post what it’s about .

Good sounds like your having fun , like you said it’s why we play eve or should be

You know Wrecking Machine hasn’t bashed stations since February ? A shame, in some respects…though in other ways a good thing as its forced me into solo PvP play a lot more ( I hate PvE and avoid it ). I suspect it also explains some of the political moves you refer to.

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Your grammar and punctuation could use some polishing.

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Rewrote this for you :

Shock War Drama: Betrayal in the Stars!

For months, I’ve been tracking a galactic conflict that’s flown under the radar on these forums, although Reddit’s buzzing about it.

What’s your take on this high-sec war? We’re seeing rampant corp and alliance hopping, both sides are up to all sorts, and now Absolute Order is openly backing the notorious Black Flag!

Governor Lee’s actions have raised eyebrows everywhere. Has he made a colossal blunder by supporting Black Flag? (And don’t try to excuse it as a Merc contract!)

We all know Black Flag’s dirty tricks—they’re mercenaries, POCO defenders, and war declaration junkies. They don’t hide it; it’s their modus operandi. But Absolute Order? They’ve been selling themselves as the galaxy’s protectors! Scores of corps and players signed up, thinking AO would shield them. Instead, AO’s been the real aggressor, using mercenaries and gankers to strong-arm people into joining them.

Just how many structures have AO seized through these underhanded tactics? The truth might shock you!

( Hope you find this more to your liking)

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absolute failure

We have ? As far back as a year or more ago I was going round in AO10 ( the ganker sub-corp ) ganking any miners in Lonetrek who would not join AO. You are obviously not as well informed as you think.

Resistance is futile.

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Love the fact when Slow killed their 3 bill Paladin and popped their 5 bill pod that they stopped talking all that trash in local.

Blackflag, you know where we live, finally a member of Blackflag had the BALLS to travel to our space in a Loki. Come fight us in our terf. Y’all got capitals sitting in low, y’all got the isk, put your money where your mouth is and let’s fight.

I never understood this argument.

“Hey, dont be smart cowards, be foolish, stupid and brave, and come charging into our home turf, where we have the homefield advantage and all the ships stocked up so we can reship easily. Please, give us the advantage for once and turn off your brain.”


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The problem with those players is that they are either inept or greedy or both, and dont want to fight, but also dont want to part with their easy isk making.

I see what youre doing.

Youre right.

We should stand up against these tyrants!

Send me 1 billion isk each, and i will gauruntee that once i hit 10 billion isk i will formulate a plan to get rid of BF for good! Each month after that will also cost 10 bill, so keep them coming!

Slow and with the help with other coalitions have been slapping Blackflag around. Just look at what happened. Their response fleet got destroyed and then they where camped in station while both their HQs where taken down. We are not the ones destroying newbies in high sec., nor are we camping the market undocks 24 hrs a day for easy kills.

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If you can afford to place a structure and keep it running in hisec, i dont really consider you as new anymore.

And if you are not new, but have new players in your corp, and were stupid enough not to make a holding corp to place structures down to avoid putting your new players into a position where they are getting wardecced and camped inside stations, then shame on you as the CEO, and zero shame on the wardeccer.

Wardecs have been nerfed a lot, its a lot easier to avoid being wardecced. And yet people still cry like they werent in a position, and new they were in a position, to be wardecced.

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Oh, Githy, really digging deep into the drama, aren’t we? Governor Lee submitting to Plebflag? Wow! Absolute Trash, the galaxy’s protectors? Please, they couldn’t protect a picnic from ants. And about that “shocking” number of structures seized—let’s be honest, anyone surprised hasn’t been paying attention. It’s EVE, Githany. While you antigwankers sit and orbit the gate, some of us are playing the game (and winning).

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Looks like the princess fly had just landed too! ^^

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Yes of course it’s drama , what else, it’s always interesting to see how people react to drama.

Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Never said I was well informed, I just take note of what people say and do , the info I collected over the years about AO seems to be right I feel and probably the tip of the iceberg.

it’s strange that you even admin to ganking miners to force them to join , what else has Mr Lee made members do.

( Just to be clear what AO and BF do are all legitimate ways to play eve , not many games allow player this much freedom to be what ever we want , just as I want to play the way I choose to play.)