How to make ganking and AG a play style

I originally posted this in another thread but got me thinking if these faction warfare changes work, the allegiance thing could maybe used for like Underworld warfare, I’ll paste what I wrote :

Was looking at the coming faction warfare changes , once that’s up and running maybe the new mechanics could be used for AG v Ganker.
So a ganker group has to control a group of sys before they can gank in them we then have to fight to get back control, in ganker sys they can dock and tether and maybe slow concord response time.

Also it puts the onus on players to stop ganking by there own actions and not ask CCP to do it, people know if a sys is under the control of criminal gangs they may be in danger.

A bit like our real cities where gangs control areas of the Underworld but life still goes on but it’s not as safe in these areas.

So you give you allegiance to one side or the other and fight, if your not interested you carry on as it is, oblivious to the under world conflict going on around you.

So that gives 2 sides a play style linked to it can be rewards, maybe dropping stuff like a propaganda hub will give bonuses to one side or the other.

Aiko could have a real underworld empire rather than the delusional one she lives in, I could also destroy her Underworld strongholds if she doesn’t defend them to stop her ganking, or just make sys more gank resistant but the main thing it’s player content no buffing or NERF by ccp needed. obviously the two side could engage in pvp in high sec too.

Just player action

What do you think :thinking:

(sorry was repeating myself a bit but you get my meaning)


lol delusional
seems better than we have now

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Since I am about to forever leave EVE I could say a couple things before I disapear.

Ideas in that direction are fine, I will say your idea is about bringing a player driven content to the official game content, this is fine. Player driven content is the best content, is not that Aiko is delusional, it’s just that she understands what games are for, she could create her own story even if this wasn’t a sandbox.

About bringing the player driven content into the company’s driven content, that is fine, also this would finally let people accept highsec piracy. People in general are uninteresting, if you don’t make them sit and slowsly explain stuff to them then they do not understand stuff, you gotta explain everything and make sure they understood it.

Maybe bringing together player content and the company content is a solution, since the other players have lower IQ and they can’t wrap their heads around player driven content. Human beings who have higher IQ understand player driven content almost immediately, but the really ignorant humans can’t even understand even the basic jokes in EVE.

You are being smart here about officialy bringing player driven content into the company’s content, this would be pedagogical for our 45 year old babies around. Even tough EVE was always supposed to have ganks, people just think that highsec was supposed to be safe, last week I had to explain to a new player that you can be attacked in highsec and he got surprised, then I bumped a ship in front of him and cargo scanned him and he said “I’m glad I have you as a friend, I had no idea about this”.

So, CCP did great in adding the gank to EVE, but CCP could have done a better job in babysitting everybody into learning the game… ideas like yours could fix this old situation we have in our community.

I 'm not saying the idea has to be exactly like the idea you brought here, but it should be something in the same sense. This could fix things for the community, we don’t have to fix the game we gotta fix people by making they jump in this rollercoaster cart and take the ride, or at least the rollercoaster has to be there so they can see it and willingly dodge it or take the ride, an idea like that could actually save a chunk of EVE.

This is something that should be discussed with the most inteligent people we have around, being gankers and antigankers (lunatics out) and any kind of highsec pvper (baiters, wardeccers, lowseccers who occasionaly come up). Yeap, should have meetings and maybe a mailist between Aiko, you and maybe a few more and come with something reasonable. Don’t bring the extremists to the table, people like Lucas Kell or the Knowledgeminer because they just mess up any talk, leave the lunatics out.

Then come to the CSM showing them that the “heads” in the gank and antigank community came together with this solution. The CSM can’t say no if the actual “enemies” together both agree in something. Do just like the Perestroika Deception, known as the soviet scissors strategy, if you don’t know what it is then you shoul learn that if you wanna win in this.

The solution is about bringing a system that is fun and make people finally understand this part of EVE.

Alright, this was my post about the subject itself and how important it is chasing an idea in such direction.


Well, now this post is about talking CCP.

Even tough I believe in the employees skills and competence as labourers, for years I do not believe so much that the employees know how to have fun in life.

I think there’s a cultural barrier in them and this barrier is about not knowing how to have fun and enjoying life.

I think they should leave Iceland and go live in places where they learn happiness and simply enjoying stuff, go live in places where it’s sunny, has great beaches, it’s warm and the people are warm too, like Thailand, Mexico, Philippines, Florida (learn the ways of the Florida man) and other warm sunny places where people know how to party.

They should have left Iceland many years ago and learn happiness… I say this because they are super stingy with skill points, stingy with everything, extremely long cooldowns, everything is full of clicks, full of grinds, you gotta be always rationing stuff in EVE because of it.

One year attributes remap? You gotta be shitting me.

Well, so that is it, their culture is just too different tham mine and they made this sad game where suffering and grinds always have to be there, they have no clue about generosity and just enjoying things for the sake of it.

This is the true reason for every EVE break I took since 2008, it’s because I can see their souls through EVE.

So, how do you convince a bunch of sad souls to change stuff in EVE to make people happy?
SEE? Not believing this can be done due to cultural differences is what make me give up EVE.

I love EVE’s game mechanics, but I lost hope in the culture of the people who work at CCP, I do not believe the employees have a clue about what i happiness so this is why they have no clue about how to deliver it through EVE Online.

I have a personal problem with them.

Now my gank idea.

CCP unintentionally hides the gankers under the hug and this is the root of the bad impression the community has about the gank.

So this is the first thing that has to be addressed, CCP has to bring the gankers to the stage and put a spotlight on them. Just to begin with, put the gank right in the Agency showing where gankers have an edge.

This is a must, show criminal activity on screen:

  • when a gank is going on in the region then show the same kind of ping the ESS has, put the ganker’s face in the ping, let the ganker shine and look beautiful on screen in that ping… so antigankers can go there, so miners can run away.
  • keep the ping with the list of the gankers or at least showing how many criminals have Criminal Timer in the region right now. Hover the mouse over the ping and it should expand a list having up to 10 gankers and then in the eleventh show “and 23 more” if there’s a total of 33 gankers

It’s just poor game design having CONCORD, having Faction Police, having gate guns, having Criminal Timers and not bringing the criminal activity to the light and letting people learn the game.

Gank systems, if the gank systems are in the Agency then it’s fine, we could have advantages to the gankers in those, that are honest advantages:

  • gank systems change every downtime
  • reduced Faction Police in system, police only around gates and NPC stations
  • the system security should de decreased by one level and never fall bellow 0.5, then in that system CONCORD will have response time will be reduced accordingly
  • pilots with low security status can freely dock, undock and have tether
  • if you fly into a gank system it should show an icon just like we have icons for EDENCO and Triglavian victories… put a blinky red skull there

Those two concepts are the bare minimal for me, they are pedagogic for the community


Now my antigank idea.

How an antiganker who actually wants to play the game and not just morbidly stare at people dying:

  • showing gank systems in the Agency
  • having a criminal ping on screen just like the ESS
  • if an antiganker could actually kill a ship before CONCORD shows up on the kill report, this antiganker should get CONCORD loyality points based on Tritanium
  • LP payouts should be rolled during downtime

A Catalyst is built with 19,626 Tritanium, killing a criminal Catalyst before CONCORD arrives should become a reward of 72000 * 0.015 = 1080 CONCORD LP per clean kills on crminal Catalysts, split the LP between attackers who killed the Catalyst.

I know it’s not a lot of CONCORD LP, but incursioners get 7k LP every 8 minutes being an average of 52500 per hour, many incursioners have 20-40-60 milion LP sitting in their wallets because they can’t keep up spending, they earn faster than they can spend. So let the antigankers have LP, they will never beat the incursioners anyway.

By bringing the antigankers to the spotlight then the community will see the antiganking as a style of gameplay, instead of just seeing the as a bunch of weirdos without anything better to do.

Well, about logi pilots, NOBODY EVER brought this, it could be a challenge rewarding logi pilots, if CCP could pull this, it would be great.

  • if there’s any clean kills on criminals and the logi is repairing the victim of that criminal then this logi should get CONCORD LP too.

This logi idea is a bit different than trying to make the logi participate in a kill report, which we already know it’s not possible.
But maybe the Crimewatch could have a door for this, maybe if criminals who die with no CONCORD on the loss mail could link the logi who is repairing the victim. That’s up to CCP, hopefully the Criminalwatch has something behind it.

Bummer. Be sure to donate your stuff to a good cause, or a good person. Failing that, you can give it to a bad cause, or a bad person, like me.

Also, I do like where your head is at:

But I have no faith CCP would act on it even if the CSM and the community agreed with it.


My idea about Killrights.

Let’s call the pilot who can run the killright as headhunter, for the sake of communication.

Well, this is the worst system EVE has by far and I will tell people what could be better:

  • the pirate should never know who is the headhunter, nowadays if someone transfers a killright to headhunter , this pirate will receive a notification with the headhunter’s name… if the headhunter travel there and pirate sees the headhunter in local then the pirate will reship or dock… this is an absurd and breaks the gameplay
  • when a victim transfer the killrights to the headhunter then the headhunter should receive a notification about the transfer… because today the headhunter will never know if a victim transfered a killright
  • the killrights window should show killrights for headhunters, nowdays only the victim and the pirate can see the killrights
  • the killrights window should show available killrights on corporation and alliance levelss
  • the killrights window should show available killrights to the headhunter’s corporation and the headhunter’s alliance
  • if a headhunter has a killright available to him, he should have Agent Locators for free and should have faster cooldown, way faster, like 15 seconds
  • if a killright is activated then the pirate’s wreck should be yellow to other people, because nowadays the headhunter will travel many jumps, will reship properly, will try to ambush the pirate, will take a lot of time, will get in a fair fight against the pirate using the suspect and limited engagement timers and then the wreck is open for everybody… this is bad, this wreck should be yellow to the public… nowadays loot thieves show up anywhere and scoop the loot while having no risk

Well, almost all above are UI issues, I emailed this to Brisc in the past and he confirmed he forwarded this to the devs since it was an UI thing… but who knows if CCP sees this as something that should be done.

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Yeah, CCP is just that way we already know.

I am participating in the debates with the Ashes of Creation community and devs, the respect for the players is a sight to be seen. The Intreped Studios company is at San Diego, their culture is completely different than CCP culture.

Ashes of Creation will be next haven for EVE players who are leaving EVE, it’s still on alpha tough.

I’m sorry for the long posts, but if anyone is interested in highsec PvP, you gotta know that what I said above is not the forums everyday rant.

I brought different stuff to the table and I say I was fair with both sides and fair to the miners.

Ganking and antiganking should be brought to light and be seen as the valid playstyles they are and always were, this is CCP’s job and they could achieve this bybringing these playstyles to the UI, to the Agency and to the LP store… then both playstyles will be recognized by the community, it will feel official for the people who couldn’t wrap their heads around this.

Because for now both playstyles are seen as shady exotic improvised styles by weirdos, “grifers” and bored people… which is not true, piracy and fighting piracy are top shelf in EVE and they should always be there, these playstyles should be highlighted.

Let’s bring the people who matters and if we agree with this, then we will bring this to the CSM and the supporters of @Aiko_Danuja and @Githany_Red and we will cut out the forum trolls

The problem today is that ganking and antiganking don’t have their deserved spotlight in the game, because of this ganking and antiganking is seen as playstyles for weirdos, “griefers” and bored people

To fix this issued this has to be addressed through the UI, Agency and LP Store to be fair gankers, antigankers and targets

Aiko will represent the gankers for obvious reasons
Gittie will represent the antigankers, because she is the only to be seen on grid and the forum goblins are nowhere to be seen
I will just be around and look pretty

Gank idea:

Antigank idea:

Killrights idea:

If we all agree with each other’s playstyles here then the matter is settled and we will call CSM and CCP

This is my last push in helping the community, enjoy my last breath on this
I hope both of you win

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Oh my goodness. This thread appears to be serious adults talking. How has this thread survived for over 6 hours without being destroyed by trolling?


All this does is intorduce a new style of sov that people probably won’t want to engage with on either side. It’s also a lot of development when CCP could just turn off ganking with a minor patch and be done with it. Then gankers can acutally go an fight people who are interested in fighting (or they can quit, I don’t care).

All talk. This claim gets pulled out every time people want to force CCP to roll back a change and 99% of the time noone quits. When you biomass your character we’ll believe you, until then it’s an empty threat.

This idea is “fixing EVE” though as it’s a change to the game not a change to players. Mechanically it would still make most of highsec safe (as gankers would have to claim a system to be a threat in it) it just creates sov like there is in null. Inevitably this would lead to some kind of timer warfare and/or structure bashing.

Yes, this topic is the serious one, this is the topic that actually matters


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Why would free spirits want to play by your rules?


She already has one

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I think the most alarming trend that has come out of CCP lately is that everything has to be about ISK reward. Even down to them talking about ‘valid’ highsec targets in terms of ISK. There’s no sense in which anyone could simply ever do anything just for the fun of it…or just for the sheer hell of it, like blapping a frigate with a battleship in highsec just for the heck of enjoying the sheer un-expectedness of it.


The only reason we still have war declarations is to avoid structure spam in highsec.


Some good ideas there @Arya_Yeshe .

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Well this right there is perma-ban worthy offense.