Black Flag Alert channel

First of all, I expect BF to jump in this post and try to be salty. So please do so. It will only mean I’ve got your attention.

Second. This post is intended to raise the awareness regarding Black Flag gankers especially in Jita. This post will not be about moaning, but simply to instill awareness.

For all the alliances/corps that are or will be in war with BF, you need to know the following: If you fly anything bigger than a frigate IN or OUT of Jita 4-4, you will lose it.

If you like to admit it or not, Hisec mercs are doing more isk damage in or around 4-4, than the majority of null sec alliances COMBINED !

Their strategy is quite simple. Neutral eyes everywhere around Jita, because that system is the honey hive.

BF has non-stop neutral eyes on 4-4 and on all the gates around it. They are keeping the station clear, so players will think it’s safe to leave 4-4 in some big expensive ship. They are staying off-grid. That means, if you are using an alt to scout ahead, if won’t help much. If they are on local, they are waiting for you to land on gate and intercept you immediately after you jump, thinking that the gate is clear !

They are extremely well organized and do not think that mounting stabs will help you. They have all the counter ships needed to catch any war target.

So remember, if you are part of an alliance or corp that is in war with BF, if you think you will leave or enter jita in a big ships without getting owned, then you will fail at this game.

BLACKFLAG. | Alliance | zKillboard. Have a look on their kb to check their activity before going into high sec from null.

I’ve initiated the BLACKFLAG-JITA-INTEL channel. If your alliances has war with BF, I would seriously suggest to join the channel and report there any BF activity in high sec.

This is pretty much why i only buy apparel from Jiat :laughing:

If you are part of an alliance or corporation at war with any of the high sec war corps, do your shopping on a neutral alt.


We believe he is from RIOT.

He threatened to warn everybody about us if we do not drop the war with RIOT (another Wardeccer Alliance) and allow them to also do stuff in Caldari space.

Which in turn just caused us to now keep paying the bill. So I guess I am SALTY for posting in this thread, but throwing your toys out of the cot because another wardeccer alliance is stopping a wardeccer alliance from functioning is not considered SALTY? Interesting…

So we are using alts in RIOT to gather info to add timers on our boards when they are heading to structures and if we have the time go there and run inteference. :slight_smile:

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Its not true













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Nobody is afraid of these numpties.

Oh , I thought you were talking about RIOT.

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Correction, Frigates die too!
Also a simple look at the stats will back up my claim.

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You got it!

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I have some intel to share: I saw Blackflag in Jita.

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Anyone no why the last remanence of Hell Dawn left R.I.O.T.

I was going to ask OP to link killmail plox, but now I see I should really be asking to link war losses.


I’m always amazed when I log on and see over 10,000 people in Jita, and everywhere else seems empty.

What happened to Perimeter? Hardly see anything for sale there anymore. All the good stuff I would want to purchase moved back over to Jita for some reason.

… which still doesn’t explain why there are 10,000+ people in the system every day. You know you can shop Jita from anywhere in Forge, right? Only need to actually go there when you pick it all up.

You mean 1900 in JITA? Not 10k +

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A warning about flying in Jita while under a wardec week get you blown up? I hadn’t realized that Eve had sunk so low that wasn’t normal.

Back in 2008 it was the Pirates, then after that The Orphange (my alt flew with them! ). I always assumed that SOMEONE had always continued that tradition…


If you can be wardecced, you have to know at least one trusty neutral alt or someone else with Orca and Cloaky hauler like Crow, experienced in transporting stuff. Thats the basic thing.

It is hillarious.
If all these corporations merge their forces … they can drown the black flag in their spit…

But no … they wont… instead making this funny channel.


That’s likely because of the most recent market changes and how things get taxed.

Perimeter used to be a tax haven, but I think Jita is better now with good skills and standings?

(Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I’m no trader :grin:)

It was already tried where all the other wardeccers bandit together to form a ANTI-BF coalition.

End result… we had more fun. I am hoping they had fun as well and a few of them are now with us. As a result, we have tentacles in low (with they awesome guys from snuff, border police and others dunking jump freighters and caps), suicide gankers (Drell and Faylee awesome gank armies) and more TZ coverage. So all in all a good time.

The sad part of my activity in highsec over the past two years in since I am back. If the video stats is to be believed, I am in the top 1% and 2% of anything when it comes to PVP. And that is just me in highsec. And because I am having so much fun in high… I sold my coffin sitters because null… meh… But this is just a jab at the game itself that a highsec scrub as null people call me can have that kind of stats.


Actually it’s been pointed out in previous years videos that some of the videos declare you to be in the “top X%” at various activities when simple number checking shows it can’t be the case.

Not saying that it’s wrong, only that it’s best to fact-check against some other sources if the numbers seem off.