Blackflag bullies of empire space

Let me ask you a few questions.
Are you being bullied by Blackflag alliance?
Your a small corp or alliance just trying to survive in empire space but, flying thru UEDAMA and other places are camped by Merc’s and Pirates.

Maybe you don’t have enough players online to fight the ALL MIGHTY Blackflag alliance?

I see a opportunity for all small people to get bigger shoulders.
And a way to fight back ? Maybe you can only come a t1 cruisers ?

SCARY right, my Caracal against BLACKFLAG Vargur’s that are protected with a Nestor?
But, think about this since your already war dec’d from BLACKFLAG!!!

You join a fleet of maybe 40 or 50 t1 Caracals and NOW!!! your t1 Caracal can kill a VARGUR and NESTOR from players that love ganking you in EMPIRE SPACE!

CEO’s talk to me and lets UNITE (hmmm let the Federation? OPPS and I’m JIM)
I am setting up a channel: United Empire Forces

Come and talk to me and other CEO’s that is tired of the empire GANKERS.
Lets kick this around and join forces and for once be the EMPIRE BULLIES!

Think about what can be achieved is people pull together.

I re-enforced their Cidadel and know where they will have to be in a day!!!

Come lets talk


nice try but wouldnt work :wink:

they choose you because you are an easy target and even if you would bring the 50 caracals you couldnt even magae them so they easy kill your 50 caracals withour even a single loss :slight_smile:

thats because you are worried about a rnd HS group

but the truth is, you didnt get a single corp wich will fights with you and your revenge will ends before it realy starts

NOT true, I have been playing since 2003 and trust me 10 caracals will kill a vargur…

you dont know anything about HS :wink: you wont kill a single ship of HS “PvP” dudes with 10 Caracals :stuck_out_tongue:

HAM Caracal 25 KM with 566 DPS - to close on a vargur you will lose one by one , could kill a bad tanked vargur but as you will lose your DPS faster you not gonna break him

HM Caracal 70 KM with 391 DPS - enough range to be out of a vargur range but never enough DPS

RLML Caracal 47 km with 434 DPS and a nice 30 sec “peace” timer - okish range to negate a good amount of DPS of a Vargur but you cant kill a vargur with 30 seconond reload timer xD

and this is only if you have 10 caracals with maximum skills

and at least the fact that HS warefare is way different then “Real PvP”


10 caracals was a metaphor, example you dont have to have bling to fight… BUT numbers yes.

FYI - We’re defending in a war against them and killing their War HQ…

no i dont think it was :wink:



but why should they undock if you got 10+ dudes in local ? :wink:

yep you sure did.
But, I did not hear the fat lady sing yet.

That better not be a wife joke…


OPPS no it was not my wife would take meat cleaver to me:)

I’m in BF since over 2 years and never heard such kind words: “Blackflag bullies of empire space”, thank you m8, thank you very much.
Finally someone is acknowledging my and our hard work.

I know right. :heart_eyes:

The irony is great.

They warden somebody, we come in to defend the victim of their wardec, we destroy their warhq. Now suddenly the are bing bullied.

God I love EVE. This is why I have been playing eve for 17 years.

really its not hard work for you to be a bully. BUT the harm it does It causes small corps that want to have a cidadel getting war dec’d and loosing they stuff that just want to play the game. Fun for you with Leshaks yep, NOT for noobies that want to enjoy Eve.
Just look at the dropping numbers in eve…

Ikuchi IV - Moon 1
Hisec Loves You Citadel is the location

I am shooting it as your read this.

Join my channel: United Empire Forces

And promptly ran away when 1 person entered local.

You’re the one who had put in the wardec… Why are you guys so bad at this game?

if you cant defend yourself then dont blame others

alone your right, BUT today I re-enforced there Cidadel in Mahtista
with 5 guys


And once again nothing is going to happen. Because somebody will be there and you will run like you do normally and all that is needed for 5 people to run away. Is just me.