Over 10,000 High sec citadels scouted... Join the fun with an alt

For the past four years, we have scouted the locations and internal scans of High Sec citadels, waiting for this day to come. Like a blessing to our tireless work, the game makers have bestowed onto us this gift. We know the locations, we know the internal scans and we have the firepower to kill them. You have an opportunity to come along for the ride, for a short period we are accepting alt characters, without exception. We don’t care where you are from, we just want to watch the world burn with you. www.wreckingmachine.net


Coming on the 26th May, asset safety will be removed on abandoned structures in High Sec. Its a great time to be part of Wrecking Machine. For those who wish to join follow the instructions in #how_to_join , to make it even easier for people who are part of null or wh corps to get involved, we have created a corporation specifically for alts, for you there is no need to apply here, just apply in game by joining the channel “Join WRECK” or applying directly to “Forsaken Fortress” In game. Any questions, please let us know.

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This long-overdue purge of spacetrash will be glorious; join us!

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Now this sounds like a huge amount of fun. App already in. It’s time to scuttle space trash.

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Welcome Jahang, if you need any help let us know.

join up now, get ready for the patch

deploying to a new area now, get involved and earn those tears.

ops start today for the new campaign, get ready for the big patch!

no one will see this down here

What region are you guys located in?

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