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Lookin good now

Evermillion Industries is carving out a nice, profitable niche for ourselves in our little corner of space, and you can join in! The foundations for an effective logistics system is here; all that’s missing is you!


Hello. I’m kind of a noob still (returning after a year off) looking to get back into the game. Mining and Indy toon in need of guidance and mentorship.

Still recruiting players, with a emphasis on Barge and Exhumer pilots.

Hello, I’m a fresh noob but have been following the happenings of the game for a while now- I am wondering whether Evermillion would be able to show me the roots of the industrial game and in return I’d pledge my eternal allegiance. I would direct message you but as of now I’m not quite sure how to :innocent:.

I’d be happy to reach out via discord (Lord Kittishima#5677)


Hello, I am definitely interested in your corp. I am currently a barge pilot working towards orca and also moon mining. Let me know if I fit the bill and hopefully get things started.

Still recruiting players, with a emphasis on Barge and Exhumer pilots.

bump, still recruiting players, ALPHA and OMEGA!

Bump for more players!!

Do you do mining ops etc between say 17:00 and 20:00 eve time. From the info i can see you don’t seem to be an EU TZ corp, I am in the UK.

Bump up for more players

Bump up for more players

Hi, I’m a returning player. I’ve been on and off since 2004. Looking for a chill corp to build a sand castle with.

Do you have an public channel?

Bumping up for looks.