Bring on the Wrecking Machine

  • Demolition operatives required

  • Full training will be provided

  • All pilots earn ISK for every fleet they attend

  • Corporation leaders receive ISK for every member attending fleets

Recruitment is open for like minded corporations & pilots. Please join our discord below if you would like to ask any further questions, or reply in this thread.

We are looking for like minded corporations and pilots.

Unique, Relaxed & Profitable. Can it be true?

Up up up, let’s take it from the top.

Ok let’s go!

Up, up, up she goes.

Ok lets take you back to the top.

Recruitment is open!

Ok, lets go.

up up up|!

shoot citadels, earn tears, get paid!

up to the top

Looking for corporations and pilots. Enquire today!

well you wont see it back here will you.

Make it rain!

up we go

recruitment is go!

Up up up