New Trashman seeking Corp

Been dawdling around with eve for the better part of a month or so and would like to give a go to the corporations side of things. You dont have to be a big corp but im looking for folks who are active around 3-10 CST. Dont mind moving into null sec if needed. My current interests are in the game are as follows

  • Salvaging - Probably the most enjoyable thing for me; I’ve spent a lot of my time ninja salvaging mission runners and bouncing between combat sites to pick up peoples trash. Its just comfy

  • Exploration - Put a lot of this past month’s EXP into scanning and have dipped my toes into exploration. Its my go to when im having trouble finding mission runners to salvage

  • Drone shenanigans - this is where most of skill points have probably gone. Always enjoyed pet classes in mmos and the salvage drones help out quite a bit on sweeping up the smaller wrecks!

  • Logistics Ships - I dont have much exp invested this way yet. But I do enjoy being a healer in most games and I hear logistics is the healers of eve. Would build this way if I can find a good group to run with


We are part of a small nullsec alliance come check out our discord

we can get you into the things you like and probably more and make some good isk doing it!

Hello check is out. Tight group here.

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