High Sec War Dec by Hell dawn...Structure Defense

I am not bothered at the destruction of low powered un-used structures in hisec, and getting drops from them is perfectly fine.

Except when it doesn’t.

Absolutely, best to keep his head down. In hisec, being one unnoticed soul among a large number is his best defence.

I like your replies…its nice to know not everyone on this forum are a bunch of pricks lol. What you said though, they are lovin and its probably going to be Leshaks by the looks of it. Theres most likely going to be no defense fleet that shows…but you never know. Im still working on it.

I take the precautions i think are necessary… to the prick above that said something about posting on my main? What point is there… lol. You’ll apparently find out who I am anyway!

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Just stick to being a useless miner. You obv doesn’t know anything else. Domis? Please.


I can even detail the fits you used, if you want.

Uncontested ones you tend to use Talos’s, they are cheap and effective.

But I see that you have upped your game to this:

As for mining, don’t seem to recall mining at all recently, I made a joke at the expense of a CODE player about afk mining recently, so that must indicate that I am a miner. How amusing…

@Thelliere_Solette contact me in game I can tell you how to have fun with his ganking on Amarr station if you want to get back at him.

Please mail me ingame and we can talk.

Sent you a mail in game

Sent you a mail in game too

Because you’re asking for help dumbass.

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True, but then that just exposes myself even more, which in my opinion is not good :smiley:

So you’re a coward. Noted.


Calling someone a coward who has put a structure in space that enables him to be attacked with war decs, he is not a coward.

It is the truth, and swearing about it does not change that fact however much it may hurt your feelings.

Your feelings are obviously hurt by that simple fact.

Not having a go at you or anything here. Just it’s easy to check this and maybe you mean Talos or Leshaks.

Hell Dawn have a total of 223 structure killmails, including control towers, customs offices, citadels, engineering complexes and refineries.

Only 8 killmails have any domi on them at all flown by Hell Dawn (+ the PIRAT Fort with 312 attackers, but no Hell Dawn flew a Domi)

The most domis on any killmail is 1 (mostly by Andrew Watson on 6 of those kills, and 2 with other characters). The killmails are here:

1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81712056/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81711589/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81710629/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81347819/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81340544/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81281070/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81363565/
1 x Domi here: https://zkillboard.com/kill/81141772/

They fly a lot of Leshaks (115 of their structure kills have Leshaks) and Talos (124 of their structure kills have Talos).


Just intel on a fleet they came after my group with around that time when they had to bring more and there was risk, in the end they gave up both times.

I meant Domi’s in terms of what could be a contested timer. I have their fit as well from ship scans and a loss they had with one of their Domi’s being intercepted on the way to somewhere by another war target. So I made that post assuming that once I showed any interest in it, they might use that doctrine.

I know very well that they use Talos in the initial hit on shields, but he uses the Leshak group when he is very certain that risk is limited.

But whatever…

Both times you failed against us you were in Domi’s. But you were with others.

Fair enough. You know what you are doing so, yeah. At the time I started to talk about it in this thread, I had not confirmed or understood that it was one of your targets, no big deal for me. Decent fits by the way, we ship scanned them too. :slight_smile:

Opsec reasons for pulling your posts?

These are the ships they use the most:

Name Times on Structure Kills
Talos 460
Leshak 441
Praxis 51
Loki 49
Nestor 43
Megathron 38
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It is not all about pulling stuff from Zkill, we also do scouting and ship scanning of fleets. Which is why I know that and Zkill would not. It is a decent Domi fit by the way.

I still don’t why you waste your time following players like us, just because we do what we do. Its Ingame stalking, haha


Except they never use 6-8 RR domis on structures. Not once.

And yeah, the ESI is the best place to understand what they do use. zkillboard makes them more user friendly to read, because otherwise the ESI response looks like this: