High Sec War Dec by Hell dawn...Structure Defense

He needs to constantly try prove himself after thousands of hours of being dunked on by CODE., hes just a super mad carebear

Needs a great story to tell the grankids

Doesn’t matter. Dracvlad will argue the point since he can never admit hes wrong and that hes a complete failure


Oh yeah, hes been trying to so called anti-gank me and has failed together with his anti-ganking friends. AGs always lose.


So you can say that definitely, well if you say so, I know differently…

Sorry but the fleet that ran away twice was RR domi’s.

Quoting, seriously ingame stalking when one gathers intel. Yeah right mate…

Link where I have been dunked on by CODE.

Well you need a story to have a circle jerk on.

So it was our imagination that his then FC used RR Domi’s… and gave up without firing a shot…

Had fun watching you not gank once while I was failing…

Dracvlad is associated with Astral Mining. He’s currently in a non-war eligable corp to keep himself safe… for now. This is just another care bear in eve that pretends to have intel that other people might not have, while sometimes enjoying a small fight within the safety of a large group so that he might not be noticed.


For now…, Previously when war deckers could war dec anyone I was totally safe then. So much for your for now comment… You create your own safety in this game, better people than you have tried to catch me and failed, just ask PIRAT. They are in fact the only war deckers that have actually managed to get a kill on one of my characters.

nobody gonna hunt u boi, get in war and fight me. you know where i live

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Already been in a war with you, and seen you run and dock up.

whatever if you say so

Well when you lot ran away I had my two war dec characters in fleet ready for the fight, so yes I say so.

i dont even know what fight you are talking about but i believe that you believe

It was not a fight, you ran away. You came, you saw, you retreated…

give me details then because i dont run unless im being outnumbered because why would i fight a lost fight

It was the right decision on your FC’s part. No issue for me, but I have been in wars with your lot and you failed.

This is not the case and never has been. Even before the last changes made to remote assistance mechanics (which would get you CONCORDed now), anyone doing that would have to go suspect and make himself a legal target for everyone before.

But leaving that aside, I’d love to know what made you think this could make sense to begin with. Why would the game mechanics allow anyone to interfere with someone else’s fight without exposing himself to be killed too?


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Just because someone does something stupid without realizing or understanding the consequences, doesnt mean he is brave.


So on their more than 200 structure kills they’ve never used 6-8 RR Domi’s and instead almost every time the core of their fleet is Leshaks and/or Talos, often with Megas, presumably for the benefit of the web bonus against fighters.

However, two times they’ve failed, they used 6-8 RR Domis and both times those wars just happened to be against you?

What that implies is that they have a Domi fleet they use with a 100% loss record (including any other times when you weren’t in a war). It’s so bad that there’s no evidence that the fleet has ever been used, and despite the fleet compositions they are successful with, the advice to the OP is that they’ll bring this losing fleet?

That doesn’t make any sense.



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He will argue it because he has seen at one time Dominixes were used. He has seen it so it is a fact! All other info is of no value because he has seen it


Dude, come on. It is TheDrac you’re talking about. He has all the facts because he has seen it!