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del :frowning:

250 Mill Sp Char Needs New Corp
New player looking for explo/pvp corp
Returning Player 90mil SP (EUTZ) looking for a PvP/PvE corp
44m - returning pilot LF active corp
Very old char, never played, giving eve a chance
Looking for a null sec alliance/corp
4 toons 1 main 0.0 cap corp
20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
100M SP player and active - Looking for corp
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
53m sp FC with office experience seeks director position
Looking for Corp
Nullsec? 80mil sp pvp. Rorq alt, carrier/super alt and 3 dread pilots in training
2 Experienced Eve Pilots looking for new home
19 million sp Player looking for American Corp/Alliance
Open minded capsuleer seeks adventure in established corporation
Returning pilot from long absence
Old vet returning to game looking for new home
Just wanna shoot some rocks
Looking for indy corp
Looking for a PvP centric corp
Old player back from break (from Eve)
[Found, thanks !] Miner searching corporation [Minmatar] [RP]
Returning 92mil SP Looking
Looking a Corporation
48 M sp Combat newbie lf Home
58 mil SP Character looking for corp, preferable wormhole
AFK Null Sec Miner with 55.5M SP and RORQ Looking for Strong Corp
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Bump :slight_smile:

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Last night was a hot night for us. Finally, we have our capital system in a null sec! For now we have only tons of ice to mine, but combat sites are coming soon enough. Join us today, make yourself a part of our history!

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For the past 24 hours we got our sov reinforced, but we raised our industrial and military indexes! Also found a few good recruits both for alliance and the corp. Don’t forget to join us!

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We have been minning ice with huge fleet for the entire night and we brought good amount of BPC and even BPO down there so we would be able to build stuff right at home. Join us and make yourself a part of our history :slight_smile:

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Join us :slight_smile:

(Sa'hi) #7

The very first thing during recruitment I ask if they have a problem with me previously playing in Half Empty corp, because for some corps in drone regions it is a issue. Recruiter checks my API, confirms that my corp history is not a problem for them and invites me to play with them. Not one hour later CEO shows up and I get banned form TS for being a spy for Half Empty … Most incompetent recruitment I ever had. Don’t waste your time with this corp.

(Evertrader) #8

Sa_hi I completely understand your frustration. Unfortunately it was not the issue of the corp but with our alliance. Your kill board is showing some kills you have recently been apart of that is with current blues. It was decided by me that we could not have you part of our alliance at this time. I do apologize for the inconvenience and your time. I hope you find a corp that best suits you. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Join us today!

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Yesterday we envaded to more systems and we are gonna finish them as soon as possible! We are looking for all players, but mainly industrials, we have a lot good places for you! But if you are pvp player or ratter still drop me a mail and i think we would be able to find a place for you!

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Still opened!

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Come join us today! We have space to ratt and mine and pvp fleets going on!

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still opened!

(mauiwowi Kion) #14

Im extremely interested and would love an invite who can i message in game?. Im a returning player who played literally a decade ago and lost his account, i started another last year and took another break (i got to 1.5 mil sp) because it felt like it was taking forever to get back to the level i was at before. This time around im looking for a newbro friendly corp so i can get into null and still have fun and not have to worry about grinding 15mil+ sp just to apply. This account has NEVER been a part of any nullsec corp, i have two alts for mining/industry (covetor/orca/noctis) and my main is getting skilled out for pvp (have covert ops fitted and skilled stratios’ for solo pvp). I think i can be an asset. Contact me in game or let me know who to message. I will be on about 7:30am Pacific time today.

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Daily bump! Still opened!

(Tornadik Infusion) #16

I am interested and would love to receive an invite. I am a returning player who has spent time in Null Sec. Recently I have gotten back into Eve and would love to PvP or PvE with a good group. I always seem to find my way back to Eve. I only have one acct which is sort of all over the place but that’s ok because it works.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you


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Answered! And bump!

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Join us today!

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Still opened!

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Come join us!