Very old char, never played, giving eve a chance

Hi guys,

i created this char 13 years ago (!!!) but literally never subbed it; never played the game, though i read lots about eve and some friends in the past played it.

I’d be happy, taking advantage of the free game (Alpha, am i right ?), to make something, i have read a lot. But … where should i start from ?

My idea of game is: i’d like to test everything, no specific restrictions, but i am not a teenager (sadly), so my time is, most of the times, couple of hours during the mon-wed evenings and some more in the weekends. Do you think that i might find a spot in this universe ?

Btw, i have almost zero skills :smiley: :smiley:

Add: i am a senior software eng, cloud expert, (GCP), i heard that there’s a huge dev community developing tools. I’d be happy to help that way as well (again, is this a thing ?)

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I sent you an evemail.

Thanks, will read as soon as possible.

Ops, clearly i have in mind to sub the account :smiley:

Still looking :wink:

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