Anyone wanna show a newb the ropes

I played about a year ago, but really had no one to dive into the game with. It’s a little much to handle by yourself. I decided to come back and give this another shot.

Just looking for some friends or a corp to get involved with and actually learn some things. Welp, off to go blow up about 100 times.

Till then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit me up in game and we can play together. I run a trade corporation you’re welcome to join, but it’s small. Still, I’ll play with you!

What are you interested in? What made you want to play eve? Any specific stories, blogs, or articles that drew you in?

These are important questions because instead of wasting your time in a “trading corporation”, your interests and inspirations could be better matched somewhere else.

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Start here: EVE University - Teaching players about EVE Online since 2004

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I played in december of 2015 for a couple months and joined a corp where I was learning the basics for combat, so that really interests me.

I would like to eventually be able to specialize in something, but to be honest there is so many things going on I have no clue what it would be yet lol

Just have fun out there, man. Join some public channels. I hang out in Eve-Scout

Come fly with me :slight_smile: Fun almost guaranteed :parrotdad:

Newly formed corp here looking for members. I can teach you everything u need to know! :stuck_out_tongue: hmu ingame this toon Enlightened Artwik

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