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I want to bump up this topic. I will tell some stuff about how we spent last few days.
So, me moved into Faction Warfare. Now we live in low security space (lowsec). It’s dangerous and challenging, and a player has to be aware that everything may kill him. But the income skyrockets from thousands to millions of isks and the only thing you need is a destroyer.


We got bashed by some local Gallente forces. It put our base infrastructure offline. And thigs could get hairy. Yet, after some negotiations our CEO HAqpAH9I Greg made us out of this situation by changing our status from Caldari to Neutral. Now we can relatively safely live in our system again.

“You will not rob me, or something, will you?” - he asked
A new player get to our corp lately. His killboard was red. He lost ships miserably. He failed to Discord, he failed to communicate, he failed to be with us. A sorry memory of 10 minutes trying to reach out for a perso, who was under the same POS bubble with you.
We sent him away from our POS and fed him to local friendly pirate group. We didn’t rob him.

So, join us, but be adequate. I strongly reccomend to join a corp as fast as possible the more time you spend without one - the more time you waste… After half a year of playing he didn’t know how to make a bookmark. Some people dies in this game no matter what.

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