Nestor Rework

Hi - I’d want to propose an update to the ol’ Nestor, making it fit better with wh exploration and logistics.

  1. Replace the laser optimal bonus with cap transfer range bonus (to bring it up to the rep range of 27)
  2. No speed loss while cloaked (just convenience)
  3. Role bonus: reduced drawback for scan res because of the cloaking devices

bonus maybe: cloak reactivation delay reduced to like 5-10 seconds

What say you?

Personally, I would change the Nestor differently.
It’s current logi role is a joke. If you want to logi, even T1 cruisers can outperform both in range and in healing ability, not to mention the cost efficiency. The only thing the Nestor does better than cruisers is taking hits.
Cap transfer wouldn’t help without cap recharge, which cruisers also can do better.

This is what I would do:

  • remove the remote rep bonus completely
  • the Gallente bonus to drones should also include logistic drones - this would turn the Nestor the best subcapital drone based logi, with the effective repair capacity of 7.5 heavy drones, not to mention that this would include both shield, armor and hull repair

This way we made a few empty “bonus slots” which can be filled with a lot of useful things.

  • 50% drone control range bonus (I mean come on, SOE should be the definitive drone faction)
  • cov-ops cloak - no jump drive though! This could potentially change the role of the ship, as it would be possible to send out a mobile logistic and refitting station with BLOPS fleets.

I would expect SOE to figure out how to apply the cov-ops cloak on a battleship, especially after some research on the current black-ops ships. A jump drive however would increase the Nestor’s mass significantly, and it would be mostly useless in W-space anyway, so there is no reason to include it.

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dude i don’t know what kind of nestors you fly but pure logi ones can rep in the range of 3k ehp/s on each other so …

admittedly the range is pretty bad but you fight near holes anyways, in wh space, so that’s usually not a big deal. Also they’re a logi that can put out about 4-500 dps too, which is pretty useful when your gang is small. Also depending on fit you can throw in some smartbombs etc.

Covops cloak on it, even without the possibility of being bridged would be pretty nice, I’ll admit :slight_smile:
And yea the drone control range instead of the laser bonus would be pretty good

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My idea was that the Nestor can be bridged by another black ops battleship, but it can’t function as the bridge.

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