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I guess the idea could be applied to a titan instead just to balance it more or something. But I really wanted to get the X idea through together with SoE Capital. I’m feeling WHs get little attention, and so limited populated etc. Could maybe help bring more balance to the different places in Eve?

Amarr Dreatnought (per skill level):
4% bonus to all armor resistances
5% bonus to Capital Energy Turret tracking speed

Gallente Dreadnought (per skill level):
25 bonus to Mbit/sec to drone bandwidth
25 bonus to m3 to drone capacity

Role Bonus:

  • Can fit a Siege module
  • Can fit X
    50% bonus to Capital Energy Turret optimal range
    200% bonus to Logistics drone transfer amount
    5x penality to Entosis Link cycle time

X = A module(high slot) that allows for bridging itself and itself only through a WH without touching its mass, spending loads of fuel. The WH helps shortening the distance needed to travel, therefore this tech isn’t limited by distance(light years).

It works like this. You need to be within 5km of a WH, and there is a timer similar to a cyno or something leaving the vessel vulerable to tackle and interruption of effect. Once it gets through, it lands a little further away from the WH than normal. It can then decide to crash the WH and roll it. Or do sites or rescue other vessels in dire need of help.

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Not eve related:


22nd century vulcan ships were the coolest.

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Im not sure if it should be a Dread, i think a Force Auxiliary would fit SoE better.


Yeah, let’s do a Capital ship with a covert ops cloak ! (Troll intensifies)

Sincerely, I like the style of the ship you linked, it’s just the colors that doesn’t match the one of the Sisters of EVE ships (a lot of white and a bit of red).

But the SOE organization is supposed to be axed toward science, and even if players can meet pretty large fleets of Astero, Stratios and Nestor in Drifter wormholes, I don’t see what use such corporation would get from a Capital sized ship, as they aren’t at wars like the empires, or need enormous force to keep outsiders away from the sites of Pirate factions. They might need a Force Auxiliary to support large fleets, but even then it would be completely useless as only a few wormholes allow capital ships in them, and not a single hole will let a supercapital (like the Titan you proposed) trough.

Creating a mechanic allowing only SOE titans in wormhole would be a bit OP, as only a large player fleet would be able to take them down, because big DPS spacecrafts (like Dreadnought or others Titans) would demand a lot of logistic to get in the same hole as the Titan, and the restrictions imposed by wormholes (mass, and longevity) can be tricky for big scale engagements.

Plus in the actual meta, another “pirate” Capital ship won’t fit in.

A soe capital would prob be a fax but why would they nestor filled that logi role.

Thing is they already have the Nestor. Also when they first do SoE Capitals they will probably make 2 or 3. And other posts have included Faxes. So I’m trying out a new angle. Having a flight of Heavy Repair Drones to support the Nestors that get the primary, could be pretty cool aswell as using some lasers. You know the drifters will strike back some day, and SoE needs to be prepared to keep them from entering Empire space. Maybe even bring the fight to the drifters themselves? What if X could be a bridge that let fleets go through the WH and would be the only way to deal with upcoming drifter raid content?

The ship in that picture is not from EvE and will never be part of EvE. It’s from Star Trek or something similar, it’s just that it fits the SoE theme.

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I dont think that they will add several at once. Yes the have the Nestor but the Nestor is a Hybrid, its not a real support craft.

That would be bad because it would require this specific ship to enter it. Having a module designed to counter existing game mechanics for entering could lead to bad issues.

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Just an fyi there was an artist drawing up concept for it.

lol god no… despite ccps attempts wh is still the healthiest and most balanced area of space we don’t need a bunch of these wrecking it

I guess the people spoke. :slight_smile:

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