Sisters of Eve updated ship?

I don’t know if anybody will read this but I’m just venting an idea here. Been flying SOE Astero for ever and it’s great, looked to move into a larger/better exploration ship but can’t find anything I like (Proteus is ok), how’s about you base a T3 cruiser on the Stratios and allow us to have something that’s battle capable as well as having scaling scanning. A combat specific module which enhances drone damage and energy weapons as well as the armor tank, also an exploration specific module which gives bonuses to scanning and hacking as well as warp speed and align time. It’s not great that the exploration centric Sisters Of Eve have eye candy ships which are lacklustre when compared to faction variants. After all we need to skill into 2 lines just keep it the same 2 tc3 trees. I think that this change would allow people to continue to explore on the same ship. Plus the Proteus looks awful when compared to the stratios.

You’re looking for a combat-capable drone cruiser with scanning bonuses? What is it the Proteus and Stratios do not give?

As you’re mentioning energy weapons, have you tried the Legion? While you would need to choose between either lasers or drones (+missiles) as offensive systems, that is a third option as combat exploration cruiser.


Taking a cue from the Nestor, which only has as much mass as a Battlecruiser, I would love a SoE Capital that would have the mass of a Battleship :slight_smile:

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Yes yes you’re totally right! It can be done with a Proteus, in fact the scanning will be better with the proteus than the Stratios. It looks terrible that’s about it. For me it’s a very short train to get into it. Just a word on the Stratios it will give 37.5% probe strength as opposed to 50% for a tech 2 cov ops frigate.

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