Best ships for Exploration/hacking mini games


I very much like the idea of exploration, hacking mini game, and in general just doing “sites”? I think they are called(in Wormhole and null sec?)…

Im kind of the person who likes to make the best of ____ even if its not the “meta”? If that makes sense, but I was kind of wondering what would be some advantages/disadvantages between these specific ships Nestor (sisters of eve faction ships in general). Loki and Tengu (misslefit)

what would be the easiest? or quickest?

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There are basically 4 sets of ships bonused for exploration.

T1: Imicus, Probe, Magnate, Heron These are cheap, decent bonuses, excellent cargo capacity but no covert cloak.
T2: Helios, Cheetah, Anathema, Buzzard. You gain a covert ops cloak but lose a lot of cargo space
SOE: Astero, Stratios. Pirate faction hulls specifically designed for exploration. Expensive but definitely the way to go if exploration is your main activity.
T3: Proteus, Loki, Legion, Tengu. These are multi-role ships. generally not best at anything but good at everything. Price tag can easily climb to the billion ISK range if you add a few faction modules to your fit.

A writeup on each of these ships can be found at

For start, go with Astero. Very agile and fast and very easy to fit for insta-warp. U can fit it to warp under 2 seconds. Plus, it has 37.5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength and 10 bonus to Relic and Data Analyzer virus strength. Also you can engage in PVP with it and easly kill all those T1 and even T2 frigates mentioned above in @Do_Little post :sunglasses:

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so I see that the astero is “set up” for lasers…

If I have solid minmitar gun skills, great missile skills

Can i still fly the SoE ships appropiately for what im talking about?

ON one hand, I see folk using all sorts of weird fits (turret type on ship, not matching bonus ship gives)… on the other isnt it generally best to fit too its bonus/strengths?

The gunnery support skills are the same for all turrets. It will take you about a week to train small T2 lasers. Current Jita pricing for Astero is 55 million ISK and you’ll want the sisters launcher & probes so you’re up to 100 million before weapons, drones and tank. To take full advantage of the ship you’ll also want your Gallente and Amarr frigate skill at level 5 and decent drone skills.

I’m going to recommend that you practice with a Probe in highsec until you’ve mastered the art of scanning down signatures - it’s a player skill, not a character skill! Buy the Astero when you’re ready to venture into lowsec and can afford to lose it!

Edit: you can also practice on Singularity - Asteros are seeded there for 100 isk.

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I looked at singularity, but they havent done an update yet so I dont show as having an omega account but ill keep that in mind… I guess maybe sometime this month they might update with the patch changes or whatever?

Last mirror was September. I would expect the next one in January

I’m pretty sure most people don’t even fit guns to their astero, after the cloak and probe launcher you don’t have slots for guns. You mainly have the drones for self defense against explorations hunters.

a t2 cov ops or astero is probably the best if you just want to do the data/relic sites

there’s also the option to take a bubble immune interceptor out to explore, can make it easier to travel some null regions. Although you probably want high skills, and maybe implants, to do that as you don’t get any exploration bonuses.

if you want to do the ghost sites or sleeper caches I think you will probably want a t3c for the extra tank and utility.

I think you can buy plex on sisi and make yourself omega and use the /copyskills command to be all caught up but I haven’t been on sisi in a while.

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There’s no need for an Astero unless you’re 100% sure that you want to kill other Asteros. The Astero is a gank magnet because of its relative high value.

T1 frigates like the Heron are perfectly capable of killing other frigate-sized explorers (except against the Astero). IIRC, the Heron has 5 mid-slots, giving it enormous flexibility with PvP fits.

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