What is the best ship for exploration?

(Dxtrike) #1

Hi there. I am starting my exploration career and was wondering what ship should I buy. Because I was looking at all the ships in the federation tree and there is way too many to choose one. I also don’t know how to buy one, so if somebody can tell me how it would be awesome.

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(Retribution atSubZero) #2

astero/covert ops for cheaper but skill intensive. Covert ops has no offense. I use a covert ops for wh relics for NPC pirates, null rated I believe with intact salvage. There’s no enemies in these.

(Dxtrike) #3

and how do you get a new ship?

(Retribution atSubZero) #4

Do missions to make money?

(Dxtrike) #5

I am looking at the ship listings and only covert ops appear.

(Retribution atSubZero) #6

astero requires gallente and amarr frigate at lvl 3. It’s a faction ship that can fit a covert ops cloak, but you need to train cloaking to 4? under faction frigates in market. Also just type in search. It’s ddrone bay provides some offense for low level exploration sites.

(Owen Levanth) #7

If you’re just starting out, it may take some time to get your skills up enough so you can use covert ops and the Sister-frigate (Astero) to your advantage.

Since it seems you want to stay Gallente, with you mentioning a “Federation-tree”, I suggest using an Imicus for now.

The Gallente-exploration frigate is actually one of the better ones (even though I personally preferred the Minmatar Probe for looks or the Caldari Buzzard for sheer amount of mid slots), at least for exploration. There are some use cases where the Imicus is bad because it only has two high slots, but for someone doing just exploration that’s not relevant anyway. All you need is a cloak and a probe launcher -and if you stay in HighSec, you can drop the cloak for something else.

If you stay with Gallente, you’ll get to be able to use the covert ops version soon, then you just upgrade to the Helios. The Astero only helps if you also start skilling Amarr-ships, since Sister-ships need both Amarr and Gallente ship-skills to be useful. On the other hand, the Astero can use a covert ops cloak, same as the covert ops frigates, which together with being better at fighting and needing less skills on average than cov ops may make it a nice sidegrade.

Later on, with better skills and experience, you can move up to the Stratios (the cruiser-version of the Astero) and eventually one of the super-expensive T3 cruisers. For Gallente, that would be the Proteus. That’ll be somewhat far in the future if you’re starting just now, though.

The covert-ops frigates stay a good option all the time though, the exploration-cruisers are more for fun, or for use cases were you want to kill other people you happen to meet in NullSec or W-Space. Personally, I also went on a long expedition one time using a Pilgrim, but I can’t recommend Recon cruisers for exploration, I just like using them sometimes because I’m weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dxtrike) #8

ok. Thhanks a lot. That has cleared my mind a little bit. But for a new player, this game looks massively complex, so it helps a lot to have people like you that share their experience with new players. That is why I really apreciate your work. By the way, just before i read this comment, I have started to use the imicus, so i actually did something right without really peaning to.

(Dxtrike) #9

Another question: what are those “long expeditions” that you talked about?

(Sere O'Asis) #10

“Expeditions” can have a lot of meanings in this game. For some they may be referring to a type of mission/ratting opportunity, and others a long journey away from a dockable station, or something else entirely. Since you are just starting out and looking into exploration I thought I’d mention two other interpretations as well.

  1. Tourism. That’s right, New Eden has a bunch of tourist destinations. They are best documented by this website: https://evetravel.wordpress.com/ and

  2. Travel, for the sake of travel. One singular event just occurred recently. Katia Sae accomplished the astonishing feat of visiting every system in New Eden without losing a ship. It took her ten years. Her story is told here https://updates.eveonline.com/card/f7FNK/the-journey-of-katia-sae-memorial/ . CCP to commemorate her journey has placed a momument in game to celebrate her efforts, which has become a tourist destination in it’s own right.

Enjoy the game.

(Owen Levanth) #11

In my case, it’s what I call it if I outfit a ship for a long voyage across New Eden. When I did my “Pilgrimage”, I outfit a Pilgrim with exploration-modules, put a second PVP-fit into the cargo hold plus a mobile depot to swap modules around, then I launched myself into space.

Standard for me is to make a large goal like “I want to reach Stain” or “I want to visit all the Drone regions” and then start by scanning down wormholes and travel through W-Space until a wormhole spits me out close to where I wanted to go.

Later, when I want to get back home or if I upset the locals too much, I just go back the same way: Searching down a wormhole to get into W-Space, then continue scanning down wormholes until I’m back in my home region again.

There’s another feature called “expeditions” related to combat signatures: Those sometimes escalate into missions set deep into LowSec or NullSec, that’s what most people probably refer to if they start talking about expeditions. I’m a bit more literal.

(Dxtrike) #12

That is very cool. This game has so many things i love. I am probably going to stick around for a very long time.

(Retribution atSubZero) #13

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(Dxtrike) #14

What are wormholes for? Because I have found a couple but I cannot find their use. And what is W-space?

(Dxtrike) #15

Why is that?

(Alistair Atreides) #16

@Dxtrike I’ll hit you up maybe we can learn some things together

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(Dxtrike) #17

Ok then. I am entering the game right now

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(Alistair Atreides) #18

W-space is any system in a wormhole.

Wormholes access game content that’s at a higher level than known space (any space you access by jump gates and is mapped in the big f10 map you have).

Wormholes are a great way to dabble in end-game stuff, it’s accessible by alphas and low level characters. You can even get lucky and grab some good loot.

But there are basic Do’s and Don’ts to make Wormholes worth your time.


  • Mark your Exit before you warp from it.
  • Look up the J-###### to see what system you’re in. As a new character you can only tolerate C1-C3, anything else is just a waste of your time because it’s full of hostiles and nothing scannable at your early level.
  • Make safe points between celestials (know how to make safe points and warp between them constantly).
  • Constantly D-scan so if you see combat probes, go to exit, leave.
  • Only go to named-pirate scan sites, there are 4 pirate groups one for each race…know their names, go only to those sites.
  • Always warp to sites about 100km out until you become comfortable knowing you’re going to a non-hostile site based on its naming conventions…otherwise you might warp into insta-pop (like I did last night).


  • Dont scan down a site that isn’t named or named something like sleeper then go to it. It’s got hostiles and they’ll probably react fast.
  • Don’t warp to a site closer than 100km, walk in…the site might have hostiles if you don’t know what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t hang around gas sites longer than 14minutes, hostiles will begin to warp in.
  • Don’t go into other wormholes until you’re comfortable with naming your exits so you can your way back.
(Duo Roman) #19

There is no end-game in EVE, at least not in the sense other MMOs have.

In EVE the only recognized end-game is to “win EVE”.

On the topic of Wormholes though, a Wormhole is a connection between solar systems. It can connect any highsec, lowseccor nullsec, and can connect uncharted space. These uncharted spaces are unique in the sense that they are only accessed through wormholes.

As you noted, EVE is quite complex, I suggest you join a corp that is specialized on teaching new players, you will learn a lot faster.