What is the best ship for exploration or bonus to relic or data sites?

I choose Minmar, and my first ship that I use for exploration is a Probe. I want to change, for a best ship. I am rookie, I have only 2 weeks and I dont have much knowledge about exploration ships. Any hint?

The Cheetah. Although, most people eventually choose to fly Asteros.


In EVE, there is no such thing as a ‘best ship’. There is only a best ship for a certain situation, and even that is subjective.

As newbie, the best ships for exploration for you will be T1 exploration frigates (Probe, Heron, Magnate, Imicus) as you do not yet have the skills to fly T2 exploration frigates.

When you have the skills, the T2 exploration frigates (Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, Cheetah) will be a better option.

The Astero is a nice alternative with lower requirements than the T2 exploration frigates and is your best choice if you want to fight or scare off other explorers. Don’t fly this one without a CovOps cloak and combat fit though, that would be a waste of the high price of the hull.

The Pacifier is another even more expensive exploration frigate. Rarely used I think, but the warp speed bonus looks really good. Maybe I’ll try this one some time.

Later on in your EVE career, you could reconfigure one of the T3 Cruisers (Legion, Tengu, Proteus, Loki) to be equipped for exploration. That is something you could consider ‘best’ for exploration, as they are able to fight and can be interdiction nullified.

But even those won’t be always the ‘best’ choice, because sometimes it’s better to fly fast and/or cheap and those T3Cs are pretty expensive and slower than the frigates.

And then there’s the Stratios, the big brother of the Astero. Like the Astero, the skill requirements are relatively easy to get. The Stratios is similar to the T3Cs for exploration, except less flexible in fitting choices and cannot be made interdiction nullified.

@Egon_Albrecht , I would recommend you to keep using your Probe. Train for one of the T2 CovOps frigates, or in case you sometimes want to fight other explorers: the Astero.


There’s already good advice in this thread and I can’t add much.
Except maybe this post here . In my opinion still one of the best guides for new explorers in EVE. Thanks to this, I started playing :slight_smile:

as Gerard perfectly answered, there is no "best ship"in eve. Advantages versus drawbacks. Speed versus frailty etc…

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