Exploration in a corax

Have anyone try this before? Since the corax have 4 midslot it can equip 2 analyzer and still have enough for other equipments
And 8 launcher,1 for the probe and that’s mean 7 rocket to the face of anything go near the site
Isn’t this fit great?
I’ll try this fit ASAP and see what will happen XD

Theoretically, any ship can be used for (hacking) exploration. Have you looked at the Sunesis? It gets a probe bonus and seems perfect as an exploration destroyer. :slight_smile:

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If you want a ship for a specific task, pick a ship that has bonuses for that specific task. That’s a good rule of thumb but there is always an exception.

Yes I know there are ship for the specific task but isn’t that’s something everyone know
Like in a WH hitting dscan and saw a Heron
I’ll grab my stealth bomber and blast it
But if I saw a dessi I’ll considering, especially a kiting dessi
That’s a great diversion isn’t it?

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Better off in a exploration bonused ship, especially cloaked.
Your Corax wont be a match for a dedicated explorer hunter and you have no way of hiding,

Can you explain this out a little bit please?

The tank slots you sacrifice for the analyzers make your tank very thin.
Without cloak, you will be very vulnerable.
Without hack/probe bonuses, you will take longer finding sites, completing them, and a greater risk of failing them.

T1 explorer for low cost, high risk.
Interceptors can make interesting exploration ships, and can escape bubbles.
T2 explorers have T2 cloak.
Asteros is what you want if you want to fight back while exploring (albeit is quickly overwhelmed).

Then what if I did the same but with a cruiser?
Yes I agree the hacking and probing would be harder but still possible right?
Plus cheaper than soe ships

Not sure about the exact margins, even with full V skills.
You will kick yourself when you lose valuable hacks, and waste a lot more time probing.

The dedicated explorers really are so good for the job, that its hard to advise to use anything else (except the Interceptor, which while without probe/hack bonuses is very fast and bubble-immune).

I suppose you could try a cruiser, but the problem is your tank will still be weak, and your speed wont help much when exposed hacking a can.

If you want the cans, you want as good probe/hack/cloak/speed as possible.
If you want to hunt explorers, there are many options, typically ones that lock as fast as possible.
If you want to bait hunters into attacking you (very risky), you dont need the analyzers, can fit PvP, and just “pretend” to be hacking the site.

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The corax is one of the weakest desi’s and as salvos says sacrificing a mid on a shield ship is not the best for exploration.

Although technically its so damn cheap that you make up for its cost within minutes, but this count’s for bonus’ed ship’s as well. Personally thou astero is king :smiley: if your brave with the astero you can remove your cloak fit a scram and neut and you will be able to kill other astero’s that try tackle you :]

Here’s the question: What do you think you are gaining by running in a Corax versus a Heron?

The fact is that from the perspective of someone hunting you, there is no difference. They’ll kill your Corax just as easily as they kill your Heron.

Now, from your perspective it should be entirely different. The Heron gives you all sorts of exploration bonuses that allow you to move between sites and cans faster. This is really the only defense an explorer has. Moving quickly and staying aware.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can fit enough tank to get away or fight back as an explorer. You can’t. All you do is make the killmail larger for the guy who just ganked you. Move quickly, stay aware, dump often and be prepared to lose your ship.


Here’s another thought…the on my place your dessies could go that an exploration cruiser couldn’t is a DED 2/10 combat site. Do you find and run those often? If not than a cruiser may be better. If you do… Go look into the asteros. Itcs a frig but had great bonus for exploration.

How about an exploring ibis? Worth?

You get what you pay for.

– Helpful Gadget

Biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever had was the months I spent doing losec hacking in a Probe, before I learned about D-Scan. Every time someone showed up in local, my heart rate spiked. Learned to hack a can in seconds.

Wants to use the worst dessie in the game so that he can get to exploration sites better, but wont even be able to hack the good sites.

Also, if youre trying to get a ship that you want people to shy away from, you need either SoE ships or a T3C. Corax aint gonna help you.

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How about an ibis?

Do it if you want, but you are making it very hard for yourself.

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