1 ship for each process

One of my corpmates recently told me about the two hacking rigs (insert name), after he explained what he meant my mind blown away by that.

Also I’m in wh corp. So I can dock up and change ships quickly. So it is not recommended for players not in a wh corp.
Question is, is it actually worth it to own 1 ship for each activity while exploring?

When you think about it a T3C can actually do that without needing to go out of your hole to high sec and get 2 more ships.

Sure it’s skill intensive, but how much efficient can it really be?It’s not like you’ll be able to hack sites that much quicker.


Help meh.

Specialisation means you can be faster and cheaper and make more ISK than some ship that does it all.

For doing noncombat exploration sites in a T3C: you will be significantly slower and more expensive than a T2 CovOps. Price (and risk!) is a factor ten higher, while you warp half as fast, are slower on grid from can to can and are slower when someone attempts to catch you.

On the positive side, the T3C would allow you to fight back, or to blow up enemy ships you come across while exploring.

T3C exploration can be fun. Slower, less paying and more expensive, but fun.

So pick whatever you like, there is no best choice.


What if I pick astero?

1 ship for scanning and hacking.

Astero is nice.

It’s still a bit slower at exploration than the T2 CovOps ships (lower scan bonuses, lower warp speed), not capable of bubble immunity and a lot more expensive.

But in return you get a frigate that’s a very capable fighter if you fit well (which you should, because those noncombat Astero fits are yuck), which you can use to kill soft targets and other explorers that you come across while exploring.

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From my experience, I’ve found that if their willing to attack a T3, their probably going to pop it unless you have a trick up your sleeve. :wink:

I had a lot of fun in the Astero.


Yea, a lot of people will happily group up to catch and destroy a T3C, while they would ignore a T2 covops.

I know I would. Those frigates are too slippery when piloted well, while a T3C is a really nice kill if you manage to catch it.

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So don’t use T3C?


It’s generally a good idea to specialize your ship for the activity.

I have one ship for relic sites, and another for data. But I generally ignore data sites as they don’t pay out as well.

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It’s fun catching unaware Asteros with battle ventures.

Haven’t tried that yet! You mean baiting them into attacking you? Or a combat probe Venture variant?

Combat probe variant is one way, and it works. Just be sure to have dual warp scramblers. Advantage is that you can drop right on top of them that way, but its a bit more pricey if you fail and get blown up. And you don’t have to wait around. You can do other things.

Alternatively you can have the sites pre-probed down, then sit in a safe-spot with your battle vent. Someone enters the site. Give them a minute or two to settle in, and warp in.

Haven’t tried baiting, but I don’t think it would work well. Most explorers are pretty flighty and run at the first sign of anything slightly agressive.


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