Exploration - T3C or Stratios?


Unfortunately I will have less time for EVE but I won’t give up the game.
I want back to exploration but I did it years ago.
I want to do relic/data in WH and Null Sec. Superior Sleeper Cache too :slight_smile:
Can you tell me what a ship type would be better for that? T3C or Stratios?
In additional I don’t hide that, I want to hunt some little explorers :slight_smile:
Do you have any example fit?

Best Regards,
Alex Winchest

If your doin data and relic sites it’s best to use something small and fast like an astero. In terms of hunting it’s kind of your preference. Stratios is a decent ship for hunting, T3C are good as well since you can get interdiction nullification. I do not recommend doing data relics in a T3C though. You will be much slower and odds are you will come across me one of those times and die.

I think about T3C coz I can get interdiction nullification. In stratios I can’t get this and I will be easy to catch on the gate.

mwd+ cloak allows you to gtfo quite easily on the gate. unless it’s dirty gate. but then your T3C will get caught too.

i don’t agree totally
For a stratios, MWD + cloak is OK if there is no bubble. If there is a bubble you can get decloaked by fast ships and tackled
If you are in a nullified and cloaky T3C, you can escape easily even if there is a bubble


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how ? if the gate is dirty you can’t cloak.
It already happened to me, in nullsec, in hs, not in wh yet.

what do you mean by “dirty”?


i see. tbh, i am doing explo 90% of my non-pvp time and never found a “so dirty” gate that i could not cloak up again. I more often had to deal with gate camps with bubbles and lost a handful of covert ops in such bubbles, if reds were good enough to burn to me and decloak me. I also escaped from some.

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