Stratios and alphas

Hi, stratios would be a good choice for me as an alpha to run data/relic sites?
I know the no-cloaking issue but anyway I think I’ll have no problem to run T3 sites.

Yes and No.
(A typical Eve Answer!)

The Stratios is a very very capable ship. Can tackle a lot of things, and is great at getting in and out of places with a cloak. A very good combat explorer.
It’s also shiny. Which means people will try and kill them for the delight of it. Be very aware of that, and don’t be surprised if you are hunted down. And without a covert cloak they’ll follow you fairly easily (not available to Alpha Clones for good reasons). You’ll be good target everywhere, including from gankers in hi-sec.

You will want good Amarrian and Gallente cruiser skills (not just the minimum) and to be able to fit a good T2 tank and ideally weapons. It’s a demanding ship.

So, there you go - an Eve “it’s yes and no” Answer - ultimately the choice is yours. It’s really pretty though.

So, the question really is “why a Stratios?”.
The Astero is a capable explorer in the same vein as the Stratios, but a third of the price (and as survivable as a Stratios - if you get caught in either then you are probably dead). It is also a lot more agile - you are not fighting an attacker, you are wanting to survive and that means “run!”
The basic T1 explorers, such as the Magnate, are good things to learn with and cheap. You are looking at a fitted T1 explorer costing about 5m ISK, a tenth the cost of an Astero hull alone. Learn and try cheap and specialise if you enjoy it.

but to explore sleeper guarded sites i need a good fighter, right?

If you’re exploring in wormholes without a cloak, you’re going to lose ships. I had a corpmate a few years ago who lost 3 Stratios’ in a week - he was an experienced explorer with a covert cloak.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

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While the stratios is a great ship, it’s main strength is its cloak. The cloak allows you to sneak up on your opponents to gank them, or to sneak away safely if they outnumber you.

Without a cloak you might as well fly a vexor, you’ll get similar performance at a tenth of the price.

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