T3 Strategic Cruiser for solo WH Exploration

Are there any other strategic cruisers or only Tengu exists? I hate that ship and hate missiles, also it doesn’t get any benefits herited from training toward Astero and Stratios (except the obvious universal fitting skills and scanning). I have no intention in doing PvP in WH, just pure exploration but want to be sure that I can handle combat there (on-site NPCs) or make out alive if I get caught by someone.

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You can try Gnosis, but yes, looks like there are no much options.

If you’ve trained towards the Astero and Stratios and have energy turret skills, and are looking for a T3C, have you looked at the Legion?


Basically any T3 Cruiser can do the job decently, why should it be limited to the Tengu?


Very hard to find any fit for it. It’s really hard to fit as it gets even less mid slots than Proteus.

I’m not that well known with cruiser exploration + PvE combat in wormholes, but…

how many mid slots would you really need for exploration and PvE combat in a Legion?

Bare basics would be: Propmod, hacking module, probe launcher, cloak, weapons, tank.

Seems to me like the bare minimum is 2 mids, and I’m sure the Legion can have that.

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Actually, you can fit the Legion for 2 to 5 mid-slots. The Proteus can be fitted 3 to 5 mid-slots as well. That’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves about the Proteus; It should be able to fit more mids than a Legion because Gallente ships generally have more mids than Amarr, but less low-slots. I know this doesn’t matter for the purposes of this discussion; but, its one of the issues I believe the Proteus has. But let’s move onto the important part.

You want a T3C that doesn’t use missiles that can do data sites. One of the big reasons people like using missile boats for wormhole sites is because missiles don’t use capacitor; and rats in J-space will neut you.

Here’s a link of someone doing C3 sites in an Autocannon Loki. Its not as efficient as HAMs would be; but, it gets the job done. Here’s one with the Proteus using drone and rails. I admit I think he under-tanks his stuff slightly; but, they get the job done according to him.

And finally, since you mentioned you like Amarr ships and didn’t want to use missiles, I did find this laser Legion running C3 sites. Although, I think he’s blinging out a lot of stuff here he doesn’t need to. Specifically, the cloak, the afterburner, and the web.

However, I would not run the C3 relic and data sites using these ships. The data and relic sites have much harder rats. For example, the hardest wave in a C3 anomaly hits for about 814 DPS. In C3s, there are relic and data sites with waves hitting for over 1400 DPS. I highly recommend looking at Nolak’s Updated Karr’s Modified Rykki’s Guide to make sure you avoid the nasty ones. Or you can just do the data and relic sites in C1s and C2s as any of the above ships will easily handle the damage output.


Thanks a lot. That was wonderful answer!


Make sure you take all the subsystem skills to 5. Seriously, with the price of the ship, you want the skills to back it.

A T3 seems appealing but it’s not enough imo to fend off attacks unless you get someone with minimal experience trying to take you out. You’ll often find people hunting with 2-3 alts or friends which you wouldn’t be able to fend off solo even in a T3 cruiser.

I would imagine if anyone sees a T3 cruiser hacking they are going to put extra effort in to catch you Vs a covops frigate or astero. I don’t have the minerals to hack with my T3.

It might be more effective for making isk by building a super slippery astero and avoid combat altogether. You can build enough tank in an astero, with explo resistances, to survive cans popping on you and even take out or scare off other explorers with your drones if your drone skills are trained, some even pop a gun in the high slot to add a little more dps. I think my astero sits at around 150dps perhaps, maybe a little more.

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Plenty of videos and fits for all kinds of ships in YouTube!
Anyways! As someone probably already mentioned, T3Cs really benefit from a little bling here and there.

Good and under looked example is freeing up one mid slot with Ligature Integrated Analyzer or Zeugma Integrated Analyzer which is a bit on the expensive side though…

Also, in my opinion, you can scrap the ‘make out alive’ in relation to choosing the ship and the fitting in wormhole space. When you’re flying solo and they catch you, you’re dead no matter what. It’s more like 90% scanning skills, reflexes, aligning out, general awareness of enviorment and 10% luck. Ok make it 5% luck.

Also! Mobile Depot! handy little fellow to carry in cargo hold! That gadget deserves some more love from Capsuleers.

Hope this helps!
Psps: Like numbers? Theres so much resources and the tool called PYFA.


There’s a reason the Tengu is a popular choice for the activities your describe: it can have a lot of utility high slots and it can get an insane number of mid slots at the same time.
Other t3cs can work, just the Tengu does it particularly well.

i will always Recomend the loki especially in wormholes, can be armor or shield tanked, can use projectiles (artillery or autocannons) or can use missles neither of which requires cap. however it is usually fitted for PvP not PvE that said it can be effective in PvE.


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