Some suggestions on EVE online( System and sovereignty)

I am a relative new eve player(about 1 year and now is able to fly almost all the ships excluding super captial ships) and here is some points that i am really disappointed with eve online and some suggestions I have come up with.

  1. Relative weakness of regular ships compared to captical ships in big wars and reaping. Here I do not want to complain about capital ships. They should be very powerful. The problem is that people are just using capital ships like cannon fodder. The win and lose of a war then become a comparison of how many super captical ships and captial ships one part have. The only use of regular ship is to anti-sabre and anti- anti-cyno. These carriers, dreadnought, titan does not fit the name capital. Additionally, they create huge time expansion( Making the game-experience really bad.)
    My proposed solution:

  2. Limit the number of captial ships that can jump into one system at a specific time( whether through cyno or throught stargate) . Just like Wormhole, there should be a limit on the amount of mass the system gates can tolerate.

  3. Capital ships should not be too close to each other. 3-5 captial ships is reasonable. Too much captical ships in a specific region should be penalized. (For example, 10 captical ships or equilant mass appearing in 1000km^2 should experience penalty. Possible explanation: Communication interference. )

  4. The cloaking people staying in one system all the time. As a member of a not that small alliance. I have experienced extremely bad gaming experience when there is a people staying in one system all the time cloaking. We as the sovereignty owner of this system have no method to kill him or make him leave. This makes small corporation or alliance really hard to grow whether through ratting or mining.
    Solution: Cloaking device needs fuel and time to recharge every 10-30 min. The fuel amount and recharge time depends on how long the ship has been cloaking. Do let those afk cloaking people destroy the gaming experience of those who really wants to enjoy this game.

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I think what you’re advocating is a star-wars style capital ship system where capitals are few and far between but immensely powerful. Lets see what the rest of the community has to say, maybe a re-classification to titan class / super carriers as the true ‘Capitals’?

Very good proposals.

I want to add a point. Lots of my corporation friends afk because of these cloaking people. They are every where in our territory, there is almost no method to kill them. We tried to bait them. But the effectiveness is really bad as this cloaking guys are afk most of the time!

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how to fix sov

remove it and add system upgrades to structures

sov is fixed \o/

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