What i dislike about eve

subcapitals (cruisers) are stronger then capitals.
>afk< cloaky camping.
**No “realist” isk-sinks in repetable wardeccing mechanics. **
Hybrid guns have no use in either pvp or pve.

100 loki’s is all you need to dominate the grid
its quite obvious that the loki ship needs a nerf or capitals needs a damage application buff - or both.
what is not needed at all, is the incoming capitals ehp nerf.

10 haw dreds would not kill 1 loki as the loki has longer range then the haw guns and… 10 anti-cap dreds would not kill 1 loki… unless loki was webbed - but it would not be webbed, as its has its optimal within a web range!
and even if it was webbed, 10 cap gun dreds might not be able to alpha a loki… if no alpha kill, loki got full hp for next gun cycle…

endgame should be capitals, not cruisers? ironic or… intended perhaps? the word tiercide means “tier murder” and thats what it is.

>AFK< cloaky camping
Perhaps only battleship class ships should be the only option to recouperate the emance power drain that is needed to use an active cloaking module.
id have alot less issues with >afk< cloaky camping, if people had to invest time and isk into an expensive paperthin “cloaky fit” Black-Ops ships.

Truth be told, id still have alot of issues with >AFK< cloaky camping, even if it only could be done in a blops -and i, an pve-player, would like to see this is war mechanic, rather then everyday tool for whaling fleets

Pirate corps should hafto pay an incremental fee, just like the realist change to the market.
along with an increased cost they would hafto do an active cost analysis and not just spam out wardeccs to high member corps every week.
and for the sake of this games longlivety, i dont think pirat corps should be able to wardec “new player friendly” corps.

Hybrid guns?
like seriously… +range modules or change the tracking on rails?
rebalance is needed, right now its just wasted skill points.

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As for the cloaky camping whining: go to the appropriate trash can and throw yourself into it, please: Main AFK cloaky thread


the point is…
100 loki friends is alot better then 100 dred friends.

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… in certain circumstances. (wow)


in 98.9% of circumstances… 100 cruisers is alot better then 100 capitals.

This is so hilariously wrong, but I don’t really care to bother beyond this final comment.

Tell me, why do major nullsec blocs still fight with primarily capital ships (Dreads and Faxes) in major nullsec wars when you claim T3Cs are so much better? Goons, Legacy, Panfam, etc. all use more Dreads than T3Cs for an overwhelming amount of fleet fights where either of the two are involved.


oh ok, thanks for your toxic input, bye.
in everyday stuff thou, that is not some big war arena, 100 lokis will beat 100 dreds.

8+ haw dreads can alpha 1 loki - but dreds are not in range, thus do 0 damage.
cap gun dreads have range over loki, but cant apply damage without atleast 2-3 web ships
those web’s will be in range of lokis fleet optimal and will die in seconds.

thus… 100 dreds is no match for 100 lokis, not even with subcap >web only< support.

you are so wrong!
Becouse what you are describing is fleets that drop dreds/faxes AND subcapital damage ships aswell, that would pushes the loki fleet away.

if you drop 100 dreds (without subcap support) vs 100 lokis.
the loki fleet will not lose 1 ship when all 100 dreds are dead and thats a pretty bad game balancing.

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I seem to have missed the part where null block are now only fighting with Loki. But your statement… they are better then a 100 dreads without subcap support. Who does that? Yes… I fully expect a fleet of cruiser pilots to own dreads if the come in without support. It is not their role to engage subcap ships.

However, there are plenty of videos of pvp pilots engaging with their single dread against 100 subcap ships and winning.

Heres one. Just because you don’t know how does not mean it cannot be done.

As for your other posts. Honestly,

You post nothing but opinion here.

If somebody is in local you cannot see is scaring you and can shut you down. lol
You can only be wardecced if you have structure
Blasters are Awesome, learn to use them properly.
100 Lokis… Oh no… they are going to take over null. There will always be Meta, take the Munin, that meta still exists but like Loki’s useless in fights where it actually matters.


Don’t drop 100 unsupported dreads against 100 lokis then?

But I’m not getting the impression that “doing the smart thing” is really your jam.

You’re obviously, “Do the stupid thing and whine like a little brat with a scraped knee when it doesn’t work,” sorta people.


yeah… so there seems to be a big gap here…

first off, im pointing out that 100 dreads vs 100 lokis, in a theory battle.

in real situation, who ever drop 100 dreads will surley drop subcap support aswell.

but 100 dreads cannot win vs 100 lokis without subcapital support!
this is my entire point im making here… and you are arguing using situations where subcapital support is used - and linking videos where the subcapital ships are not 100 lokis…

you all fail at debating.

I posted a video evidence that you are wrong. If one dread pilot can do that to a subcap pilots. Imgaing what a hundred can do.

How do I fail, when your theory is proven wrong? Edit you also never mention it is just a theory.

Which makes your entire posts pointless then. I am not going to argue about what could happen.


so… did i say “a dread vs any subcapital kitchen sink 100man fleet” ?
no i did not.

i say specificly lokis - that out range haw dred.

basicly… you all are trolls, coming at me with your faulty logics and toxic shittalk saying im whining and im a little kid etc etc…
all you do is prove your own ignorance.

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You post a hypothetical… and then call us faulty for calling you out on it. Now you just sound like a random forum alt troll. At least I am not afraid to post with my main.

The dread thing is not only thing you posted.


I wanted to put these in juxtaposition because I thought it was comedy gold.

Maybe come back and try again when your entire position is not predicated on a scenario you have to openly admit is both stupid and unrealistic.

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@Commander_Kane yah… sorry but no, its not hypotherical.
100 lokis with current meta fit will eat a dread up, the dread cant apply any damage.

its fact.

Yet you cannot provide any proof that it is a fact.

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haw dreds can apply damage to a loki, but the loki out range the haw dread. FACT.
capital gun dread cannot apply to a loki. FACT.

just go into pyfa or sisi and try it out yourself.

and for the comment about hybrid turret… SURE they are not dead weight…

its not even about RL flying skills…

its about applied damage per seconds, that makes them “useless” … and other weapon system far outweights hybrid turret.

Ah a pyfa warrior and the get it yourself position.

Now I know your a joke. We are done here, it obvious you know nothing about combat and most like put crappy pfy build on eve workbench like 90% of the other pyfa warriors.


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