Cloaky Ess camping only reinforces botting.. ccpls

insert bots into a system, cloak 1-2 marauders in the ess, wait for last 90 seconds from the end of the ess timer, decloak (many times + huggin alt), and there is no counter except N+1 blobbing. this aspect of the maxed game play is killing the ess ecosystem but should have been predictable. t1 sniper bs cloaked at range or even marauder w/o cloak in the site, either would ensure a more healthy ability to challenge the ess and encourage meaningful conflict. instead we get the half baked, lazy, unbalanced cloaky marauders in ess. there are multiple solutions to this problem but no one at ccp cares. it makes the entire ess concept fall on its face.

Such as?

You are not entitled to the ess isk,.

Camping ess is equal to gate camping inteligent people send onli one person whit fastt ship in. So they avoid such traps.

If defenders do ther work and use theyr time to defend the ess. There is literary no reason for you to rob it by doing less work.

Ess is there to promote conflict not to make robbers imortal and uncatchable.

People aready, miss using 100 mn props to run away if literary anything come to defend.

Ess already favour attackers. Giving them mostly plenty of time to run away. By watching local / cloacky scout on the gate.

But im agree whit you there are ess mechanic that are purely broken.

Like burning away of ess gate grid making your ship immune to combat probes.

Same inside ess.

Im whud make ess 50℅ smaller buble and give stacking damage to anything outside the buble like in abyss.

Same thing on the ess gate if you burn out the grid you start taking stacking dmg that slowly ramp up.

Then im whud disable any kind of prop mod inside ess.

ESS shud promote pvp not favour ab kiters.

Since it does favor ab kiters people use cloacky snipers and huggins.

This whud solve everything

i touched on both in my post but here they are:

  1. no marauders in ess - no a great solution to exclude a specific class but would work
  2. no cloaking on the inside even out of the bubble - prob the easiest best solution

the point is to make the ess environment dynamic. im seeing it settle out entirely into this meta for the solo small gang side of gameplay. there is no entitlement to isk of ess suggested here, just a change that would stop marauders from completely killing of small scale ess play.

the counter to them running IS the combat recons. send to tackle while hacking… proffit. 100mn ess attackers are easily caught. I’ve done this plenty from both sides, attacking and defending. I have no issues with those mechanics.

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