Cloaky campers are using ESS as a way to avoid beign detected and Killed. is this an Exploit?

some Cloaky campers has come with a simple technique to avoid being killed while they are semi-AFK. To my reasoning, it is go against an implemented game mechanic to avoid the proliferation of cloaky campers “the observatory”.

they are using the ESS accelerator gates as way to avoid being killed. because a ship that is on the ESS grid, can’t be warped directly to it. they are using this as a way to have more to recloak and not being killed.

if a cloaky camper is uncloaked at 1000 km from accelerator gate has at least 1 min before someone can reach him to kill it.

is this an Exploit ?

I would suggest it is fine, the issue was always full complete AFK while at work or sleeping. It does not change the fact that if they are AFK, and if they do not react they will still get blown up. Good bait though…

Take that as being from someone who campaigned against AFK cloaky camping for many years.


any official comments about this matter ? @ISD ?
@csm ?

A question I always ask…how do you actually know someone is AFK ? Eve seems overly full of people who must have been part of the CIA’s ‘remote viewing’ team and can see exactly what someone is doing at their keyboard !


I hate to break it to you but magic doesnt exist.

Well you wouldn’t think so…judging by all the people who seem to psychically ‘know’ when someone is AFK. I just have visions of astrally projecting Eve players hovering over other people’s keyboards checking whether someone is secretly watching Home & Away.

Yeah, again, this isnt a real thing.

Um…you are missing that that’s precisely what I am saying. Don’t they do sarcasm in your part of the universe ?

I dont want to go all Andy Kaufman or who ever it was you like to quote so Im going with your literal words and avoiding “so you are saying…”.

Abuse of the ESS grid allows cloaky campers to not be probable + warpable objects, just like abuse of the ESS grid allows players to make the CRAB beacon not warpable.

The latter has been explicitly declared an exploit some time ago, why not the former?

(Or rather than declaring more exploits, why not fix the issues with deadspace instead?)


There are no cloaky campers in high sec

Actually in nullsec there are no more AFK cloaky campers anymore.

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@Cilla_Cybin is that what you mean by people being psychic?

bumping for notoriety … still no answers from ccp.

I do not see any issues here. You can also cloak up in a gated mission or combat site to achieve the same effect. Nobody ever said that you need to be instantly warpable. In fact there are many places where you aren’t. So everything is working as designed. Just adapt to it.

I differ on your opinion , but thats why I would prefer an official answer on the matter

If CCP comes to the conclusion something is an exploit they announce it accordingly and you will notice this as forms reader.
So no announcement no exploit.

We really need to have local delayed.

Recon ships must really get you salty since they’re invisible on dscan.

Oh but there are. How else am I supposed to watch what the gankers are up to ?

Because gankers don’t have the skills to cloak?