New capital class - Covert Warship

Has the ability to cloak all ships around them (with in 20km base [+ @growth_Variable])
Maybe it can consume some sort of fuel, but at low rates (potentially even mass based).
This ship should also have incredible firepower, a capital version of the stealth bomber if you will. Give it access to some sort of capital -hac resistance module but make its over all tank lower then that of other ships so that it can wipe out a cap quickly, but cant handle being blobbed. this will enable it to be utilized well in conjunction to bomber fleets.

Lastly, it should provide some sort of covert-jump range bonus to all ships in fleet that are cover cyno capable to help it move around its dangerous anti-cap fleet quickly.

Since you claim to have played EVE Online since 2003 and FC’d for major alliances such as BoB and won countless major battles in EVE throughout all this time. Can you explain, specifically, which use case scenarios this idea would come in handy?

If you could provide actual examples of situations where such a ship, in your grand amounts of experience, would come in handy? Oh, and if you could throw in an explanation from a developer’s point of view as to why this would help the game?

That’d be great, thanks.


Bwahahahaa, thanks Scoots, i enjoyed that.

What a stupid expectation. Help the game? You don’t have to help the game. It’s to help the players who either quit the game or don’t start playing at all.

In all your stupid postings, the only thing you notice is the one poisonous, unkind insulting attitude. You, sir, make me sick.

well and truly you are an idiot…

What you said amounts to throwing out the Baby with the bath water…

This sounds insanely overpowered. May want to narrow down you thoughts a bit to get any traction.

Your ask:

  • High(est?) DPS
  • ADC like alpha protection
  • Probably the best utility AoE in the game
  • Cyno bonuses

Except in this case the most the players who quit were in denial that this is a PvP game, they should have never played in the first place.

Companies don’t cater to stupid.

How exactly does a (probably overpowered) PvP fleet ship based around endgame skills (cloaking and capital ships) retain players who quit or don’t start playing at all? Are you really trying to argue that there is a meaningful target market of players who would play EVE if only there was more capital proliferation and non-capital classes were even more marginalized?

My mindset (as a player and developer) is to bash that capital creep into the ground. Seriously high damage rated capital (especially something torp based with stupid velocity/damage bonus’s) would be ideal at killing those ships.

When i look at the cloaking ships, i feel like they really need more mobility, specifically when it comes to jumping from point a to b, and i feel like the biggest problem they suffer is the fact that they need a point to jump, namely, to have a cyno in a specific target system.

I’d ideally like to just allow blackups to have a unique system (specifically by this capital) that grants instant jump to system bridging options for it and covert fleet members. Im a little on edge about the no cyno required at that end point, but i think it would really be the game changing… change that eve could make to covert ops ships to really make them scary.

There is a few issues with this and why i did not mention it above, some potentially technical (playing with cyno base code maybe) and others more psychological / emotional. Imagine if this was part of those ships and they could do this action (jump around with out having to lock ont cynos), that would definitely get more qq about cloaking, and would definitely result in a higher demand for counter cloaking / covert things Luckly, a simple covert ops jump jammer module would be an easy fix to secure some systems from its ensuing wave of qq from the nullflaked bears.

All that being said, here is my thought on why this is needed.

First, cloaking based game play is really just not there, and since the recon nerf really has not been there to much… Recons for example have just kinda been there since the age of great nerfs, those of us who were around forever know just how powerful and vital they use to be. then tier 3 cruisers came in and really knocked them out of a viable position. now its just a sorta “something to do” sorta thing.

When i look at recons, i really feel like both should be warp-cloak capable, and i feel one should be similar in its design to hacks, and another similar more to ewar/utility. At this point they are sorta to moderately off that potential. Boosting recons up some will also help them be more useful in hunting the larger ships, but more specifically the hac variant of recons (combat) should really be a good solo ship and have good bonus’s, like that of the chameleon (if you want what i have in mind as an example) but on a slightly lower bonus footing.

So fast forwarding to the capital covert ops ship…
Adding large amounts of damage, into this situation could really be a interesting in terms of helping to really hunt and kill those caps. Since no one can agree about buffing their class or reducing it, maybe just making them die faster is a better option. More risk and reward is always what you guys say, is it not?

As for the aoe cloaking…
this can be used for situation where you bait, when you camp, and so on. This mechanic is more of a new style of camping.

Think about the typical gate camp, enemies come through you need time to get away, approach cap, cloak the fleet(now that i think of it, may need to remove the decloak proxi with this mechanic, specifically for fleet members but maybe not enemies to fleet).

another example is if you want to camp, and want to be secret about it, or lay in an ambush on the gate, you cloak up all kinds of things, including dictors and hacs :wink:

A lot of ways this aoe cloaking mechanic can be used, but the most important is an actual indirect counter to cloaking itself. If people want to cloak camp, we just cloak camp with them, if the drop, they get dropped.

Most importantly all of these things are content generating.

Hope that helps you understand my thought process.

Can you first explain what “capital creep” is and where this is present in the game?
To the best of my knowledge, capital “creep” in the form of faction capitals has near zero impact on the game over and for 99% of players due to the rarity.

Why do they need to be killed? With “seriously high damage rated capitals”? We already have dreadbombs that are nearly ubiquitous in nullsec (you should know this, since you claimed to have FC’d BoB and won major nullsec fights since 2003.

Ok, so we’re just going off your “feels” and not actual numbers. I can safely disregard the rest of your nonsense here.

If you’re not aware, BLOPs can already bridge covert ops fleet members…? The no-cyno thing is so dumb that I’m not gonna address it further.

Another claim made without any supporting information.
Can you first explain what you mean by “cloaking based gameplay”?

As I see it, there are plenty of gameplay styles that already exist revolving around Cloaking.

  1. Scouting and intel
  2. Scanning and exploration
  3. Harassment of krabs
  4. Indirect attack against system ADMs

You need to first explain what you mean by “cloaking based gameplay” before we can discuss the rest of it. What, in your mind, would qualify as “cloaking based gameplay”?

Cool, I don’t care. Please explain what you mean by “cloaking based gameplay” before we continue the discussion because talking about specific ship hulls (like Recons) without first establishing why you are talking about thing sidetracks the conversation.

Anytime someone uses the word “interesting” to describe an idea, it’s a terrible idea.

As far as I can see, this rule of thumb remains true here.

I’m not seeing the use case scenario of this.
What do you mean by “when you bait/camp”? I’m having a hard time figuring out what this adds to the game. You’re not doing a very good job of explaining thing as a ‘developer’ you just sound like another bad idea kid on the forum so far.

I only know of 3 “typical” gate camps.

  • Machariel Smartbomb gatecamps - commonly seen in Jan and SV5/HED-GP.
  • Resebo Hictor gatecamps - commonly seen in Tama and certain High-Low transitions.
  • Kitchen Sink gatecamps - commonly seen in Providence and rarely in nullsec outside of war campaigns.

I don’t know what kind of gatecamp you are talking about that works the way you just explained it. All 3 of the common gatecamp styles that I’ve mentioned above utilize cloaky or neutral alts one, two or even three jumps out (in certain pipes). I haven’t come across a gatecamp situation (from either end of the engagement) that utilized a Titan as a bridger in or out of the system.

You’re just making stuff up here based on misconceptions from living in highsec here. I’ve heard similar nonesense from other highseccers but never anyone who plays primarily in low/null.

People already do this. I don’t see why we need to implement you idea to make it so.

Ah, here we go. The “most important” part about your whole idea boils down to nothing more than a “cloaking is too OP, please nerf it.”

Bravo Naari, you managed to make a sneaky Cloaky Camping is OP thread. Good to know that you’re still full of ■■■■.

Nah, you’re just scared of cloaky camping and want this AOE cloak in game so that you can threaten cloaky campers with your own drop (which, btw, you can already do if you had friends).

Dont play games, or you will get ignored like your buddy myskin over there.

  1. you know exactly what power creep is.
  2. We are not talking about pve.

Dread Bombs are not used as much as they should be, and this is something that is really larger-scale oriented. Also, this really has been nerfed hard with the cap limitations on it, but more importantly a new ship, and more buffs to cloaking are better. Since cloaking seems to be suited for this type of ambush, hit and run style of game play, it makes more sense that they have the ability to carry out these attacks in far less numbers.

We both know, and most importantly,
If you online large numbers of dreads, the rival is going to know, however a few smaller capitals with higher damage rates and subcap fleets could provide that “Dreadbomb” level of damage, flying far more under the radar, and subsequently, are much more likely to kill a titan, etc.

Eve needs to spawn “the age of capital destruction”, and i think covert ops-capitals + covert ops sub caps are the path that is needed to be walked.

Ccp could even opt to make “the age of capital destruction” remove capitals from the game by “causing all of its blueprints to be lost or destroyed”.


Cloaking is to weak, and needs buffs. Did you not get that with the -50% Scan time, +50% resolution bonus’s i wanted to give coverts after removing dscan?

i want to empower them, not nerf them; that being said the “negative psychological effects” of cloak camping is bad for the game and needs to be removed, but even more importantly, everything should have a counter to it.

Now you said “power creep”. Which is it?
As a developer, you should know the importance of specifically mentioning things.

First you said “capital creep”, now you’re saying “power creep”. Which is and what do you mean by either? If you can even just give me a dictionary definition that would be cool. I’m asking because it’s important to have a common base for starting any discussion.

I never mentioned PvE… why are you bringing this up?

How much should they be used? Can you give me a number of how much they’re being used now compared to how much they should be used? Let’s start with that before we move on.

This is wrong. I’m surprised you are THIS wrong, given your claim to have FCd main nullsec wars.
You should already be aware of how powerful FAX reps are. Why don’t you know this?

I don’t think it does and you do not provide any compelling reason why we need it.
Are there a lot of capitals? Sure.
Can we fix the problem just by destroying a lot of capitals? No, you’re only addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

For someone who claims to be a dev, I’m surprised your line of thinking is so flawed. :confused:


Cloaking already does have a counter.

The cloaked individual cannot directly interact with you in any way until they uncloak. The overwhelming majority of ships also have Sensor Recalibration cooldowns that prevent them from locking onto ships when they uncloak except for the Bombers, which are incredibly squishy with barely over 4-5k ehp.

Add on top of that the :

It’s fine as it is. I don’t see why it needs to be changed. Can you give me a compelling reason why we need to change things first before you claim that cloaking needs a “counter”?

I just want to make a specific point:

The only “negative psychological effects” (which you don’t explain at all, btw) are only from your lack of a spine. You’re just the one who is too scared to undock, which is really weird and contradictory to your claim that you’ve been leading nullsec alliances like BoB since 2003. You’ve won major nullsec battles (still haven’t shown ANY proof of this, btw) and have been in positions of authority for major powerblocs like BoB, and have been playing since 2003.

But despite ALL OF THAT, you are still afraid of a cloaked nuetral in local, going as far as to claim there are “negative psychological effects”? And you also said you’re a game developer?? Really?

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This sounds like you are bad at pvp and can only gank someone if you can super, duper, cloaky, sneakey gank someone with so many firepower that only you can “win”.

Didn’t claim something weird about “counter-play” ? What would that counter-play be to such a sneaky, ganky, cloaky form of “counter-play” can occur.
Let’s face it, you want to gank some capital boat and gtfo before any kind of “counter-play” can occur and sell it as “capital-balance” .

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