Ideas Only

  1. Consolidate high sec, expand low sec.
  2. Integrate dscan into the probe scanner and make it so that everything requires some form of onboard scanning.
  3. Remove core probe launcher.
  4. Rework navigation, giving propulsion modules a secondary function that consumes fuel, making anomoly running more difficult/interesting.
  5. Combat scanner probes should only be used for small gangs and smaller ships. Larger ships and incoming fleets should look like blips on a radar.
  6. Triglavians should invade all empire space and wreak havoc. In particular the destruction of jump gates increasing the size of instances recreating a need for more advanced propulsion systems, maybe introducing some kind of solarwind highway with size restricted off ramps instead of activation gates to spice things up. Imagine a rift generator placed near an anomoly tricking unsuspecting explorers into landing into your pirate camp. Im pretty sure this would create a more hostile environment and make it damn near impossible for bots to function effectively.
  7. Introduce some kind of resource that fuels the capacitor. Maybe a new type of gas cloud, the concept could also be relevent to the prop mods secondary function.

Thats about all I got for now, I would very much like this feed to be a means to brainstorm and nothing else. Anything that you think is a cool idea should be expressed. If you like an idea then rewrite it as your own post and use the hearts to like/upvote

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Like that, and agree. More to the point though, and I posted a suggestion relating to this a while back, make the sec status based on player activity (similar in principal to ADMs), so that the more players kill rats and run missions, the higher the security status goes. The less they do, the lower the status goes (to a min of 0.1, leave null the way it is for now)

Nah. No point to any of that, dscan stuff included. All you’ll do is force further fitting sacrifices on pvp fits.

Wanted to single this out; Eve is very much a “the players are the content” game. Incursions as a similar and implemented example, are just downright annoying as ■■■■.

These aren’t all that common? And the statement is false regardless, if there’s a shortage of X then increasing the droprate lets more people welp them more often.

This sounds like not fun. At all.

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Eves main mistake

I would very much like to be the triglavian invasion. Your points are valid and my post has been adjusted. And to address the dscan reiteration i think it should be apart of the ui as well as the probe scan window. It should be expandable as it currently is but the dscan shouldnt be separate in anyway. Making module activation and the capacitor apart of it as well would make it seem more organic and useful

■■■■■■■ hell … how many trolls have you made?


This supposed to be a place to attempt to contribute ideas, thanks for participating. So far your only one of two

Far less of a mistake than you were :wink:

TBF, this is general discussion, not PF&I. If you want to petition the mods to move it to PF&I that would stand true.

Sure wish you would give some on topic input. What ideas do you guys have to make new eden more user friendly? Can we as members of a community not even attempt to collaborate? Or is the forum just a place to belittle and ridicule others?

I did provide my feedback already. You even answered that post.

Contribute Ideas . That was the purpose of the post. This is a general discussion

And the point of a threadnought is what? Because if your answer is anything more than “losing everyone’s ideas in a blender”, the purpose of the thread is moot. An idea needs to be debated on its merit. Cramming multiple ideas into a single thread just means that each idea gets half the attention.

Ignoring all of that, if someone has an idea, why would they post it in your thread instead of making their own?

You posted your ideas. That was the purpose of this thread, whether you intended it or not, it was to air your ideas. I provided feedback on your ideas, per your request. If you wish to refine your ideas in some way and discuss the merit of those changes, I’m on board. Otherwise, my ideas (which are generally ill-received like every other player idea) end up going in their own threads where they can be the focus of the thread.

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After your criticisms I literally made slight alterations as well as a more indepth breakdown of the dscan/probe concept. I havent heard your Ideas. This was supposed to be an avenue to present all Ideas. Let me hear the best idea you’ve come up with. I want the areas we navigate to be larger, i want to participate in the triglavian invasion of high sec. I want to use the dscan and probe window simultaneously without it inhibiting my ability to use active mods and take up less of my screen. What do you want? Present your best idea to instigate meaningful dialogue, that is the purpose.

My idea is that CCP Falcon should remove the edit button from the forums, so everyone would be forced to effort-post and people with serious anger management issues can’t try hiding the fact anymore.


Your alterations do not in any way affect my feedback. With exception to the reduction of highsec and the increase of lowsec (variably fluid as I said, or static as it is now and as would be more towards what you said, both are cool with me), I don’t like the rest for the reasons I already stated.

Your idea of a radar won’t work because it has been said that “continuous dscan” won’t be a thing because of server load (the big reason there’s a forced delay on each scan). It doesn’t relate any useful information that is not already related. Changing the UI for everyone because you think it will look cooler is absolutely viable if a majority agree. I can feel confident in asserting that they won’t.

So you think security status should fluctuate based upon the type of activity taking place in system?

I think it would be an excellent way to create pockets of highsec, created by the players, which are isolated amongst lowsec. Logic being that players could make their own safer space, pushing the sec status all the way up to 1.0 to make ganking even harder where they wanted to put the effort in. An optional addition would be to make pvp engagements lower the sec status.

Pure opinion, of course. I don’t like highsec, and anything that reduces it and the safer space it offers is good in my books.

So…kind of like the Features and Ideas subforum that already exists? Huh, ok.


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Its already extremely user friendly, dear god you people don’t even know how much harder EVE used to be, there is so much more hand holding than there used to be, i remember the days when people actually had to be smart to play >.>