Ideas for a more dynamic New Eden

Hello everybody,

motivated by the blackout and the CCP interview (especially by the Chaos era, mentioned by CCP Hilmar), I want to present you some ideas. Of course there was an exchange of ideas with several people, so not all suggestions are my ideas.

Ideas for Null
When we debated this, we all agreed that our proposals should have the following effects:

  • To promote more dynamism, i.e. to encourage and challenge the rather stagnant power blocks to more movement and action.
  • Generally, the increase of end content and rewards.
  • Reduce inflation and overproduction (compared to destroy ISK - see monthly economic reports).

Moreover, the proposals should be balanced between the different interest groups (PvP, PvE, Mining, Explorer, etc.) and not encourage one group massively to the disadvantage of another.

Idea 1
Only three Keepstars can be anchored per region. Only one Keepstar per constellation can be anchored.

This proposal is intended to underline the strategic importance of the largest citadels. In addition, owners have to think about where it is strategically sensible to anchor them. For potential conquerors also has increased strategic importance to conquer a region.

Idea 2
Remove the asset safety and lock the asset from the 2nd timer.

CCP was once called “ISK vs RISK”. Currently, you can earn a lot of ISK in zero, but there is hardly any high risk. This is contrary to what CCP Hilmar said in the interview: Curel but fair. The mechanics in 0.0 should be adapted to the killmails of ships, i.e. 50 % destroyed, 50 % drop. The defenders would be much more motivated to defend themselves with everything to the last, otherwise they lose everything.
Attackers, however, are motivated by prey to try raids. In addition, it would probably affect the above-mentioned overproduction.

Idea 3
Only one Industrial Core of the Rorqual can be activated within a 1000 km radius. In addition, no drones of the Rorqual can be started in this radius.

Rorquals are very strong miners and contribute greatly to overproduction. Often you can see several Rorquals minering together in a dense space. The goal would be for the people to join forces to form a booster (Rorqual) with other “normal” mining ships.

Idea 4
Serious and active NPC attacks on structures (not only the 1st timer) and fleets

The Drifter invasion was a nice start. This could promote the dynamics, so it could happen that power block A is attacked by NPC’s and power block B wants to take advantage of this and opens a second front.

Idea 5
Capitals can only use Cyno’s on certain ships (e.g. Recon ships or Black Ops) to jump. Ships that can open the cyno for capital can also only use it to prevent misuse or a simple workaround.

There have been many complaints that the small fleets, even from T1 cruisers, are beaten to death with capital. In addition, farming ships can ignore Intel because they can get support quite quickly and easily. This proposal is intended to make this more difficult. Also the attacking FC can recognize the potentially Cyno ships better and take action against them. The fights should become fairer so.

Idea 6
Cyno-Inhibitor on ships (e.g. Heavy Interdiction Cruiser)

Fleets could carry a cyno inhibitor for new tactical possibilities, especially in combination with suggestion 5, and thus create new exciting battles.

Ideas for WH
Idea 7
Introduction of valuable moons

The WH is a quite dangerous room with security level -1. Many systems in low and zero are significantly higher. So it would be fair to also involve the WH space in valuable moons. At least there should be more valuable moons than in high.

Idea 8
Effects for Zero-Point Mass Depangler

The loveless and hectically introduced module, because apparently the people in WH were forgotten during the HIC changes, could take some nice effects.

Idea for Empire Space
Idea 9
Standing or other requirements for structures in Empire Space

They used to have it and they took it out. However, in the interview CCP often referred to the real world and there usually no authority would allow to build just like that. Standing has hardly any meaning today and could therefore demand more value again. In Low-Sec one could tie the right to anchor structures, for example, to standing in a FW militia.

Idea 10
The venture no longer gets into FW sites

Since you can no longer get into a site with warp core staffs, the venture is used. This wordaround about the idea behind the change should therefore be excluded.

General Ideas
Idea 11
Omega status can also be acquired for 7 days.

For one month of Omega, 500 Plex must be purchased. It would also make sense to enable this on a weekly basis, e.g. for 200 Plex (and to offer such Plex packages also for purchase). This could tempt possibly alpha characters faster to the Omega.

Idea 12
Introduction of a tutorial with spoken text or video sequences or in a kind of mini-campaign

As CCP Hilmar mentioned in the interview, 90% of the new players in 2018 stopped playing in the first seven days. This may also be due to the rather dry start. At the moment many are surely killed by the text. Also the differences with advantages and disadvantages of Empire Space, Zero and WH-Space should be addressed. There are so many possibilities in EVE to pack an introduction into a good story. For example, you can briefly play through the history of the chosen faction. In this story the basic things (ship control, scanning, trade, mining, etc.) should be explained. If the story is properly implemented with spoken and / or video-based content, it will surely captivate more people.

Idea 13
Designation of proven or certified beginner-friendly corporations

For beginners there are many potential corporations, many of which are unfortunately not the right choice. Sometimes the Corp. is too small and people rarely go online or a mass Corp. where rookies go down. Therefore, in a first step, requirements could be set up that beginner-friendly corps have to meet. That can be for example a minimum or a maximum size, in addition, communication tools such as TS, Mumble, Discord should be present. If a corporation meets this requirement, it can be designated as potentially beginner-friendly if desired. For the certificate “beginner-friendly”, an evaluation possibility should be introduced. This allows players who join before the end of the first year after three months of membership to submit their rating.

Idea 14
Translation of the devblogs into the most important languages

There used to be translations into different languages. I can’t judge the current extent of this, but after the forum structure a translation of the devblogs into German, Russian and French seems to be advisable. Chinese could also be important by now. Maybe volunteers from the community can be recruited to translate it per devblog against x Plex.

Idea 15
Make ECM great again, i.e. return to the original state

It seemed that the ECM changes went back to the Goons because they have many NPC’s with ECM. The reason at that time was however very contradictory. With the reason also Weapon Disruption, Sensor Dampening and Neutralizing would have to be changed.

we tried something like this in the past. It’s a bad Idea and just solidifies the powerful and widens the gap.

Remove asset safety but evacuations create events and should remain.

no threats can be started? wtf does that even mean

in eve you should only have to worry about other players NOT NPCs.

cynos are fine as they are and don’t need to be changed. pay attention and stop falling for obvious bait.

you’re fine with what we have.

no WH moon mining is stupid safe and immensely profitable as is.

this just leads to mindless grinding and forcing people to play a game they don’t want to while adding nothing to the game

these do add content its just whiny entitled gits that have a problem with them

sounds like a great waist of time and money that would be better spent elsewhere

CCP should not have any more of a hand than they already do in the power balance of corps. It’s already easy enough to find these based on the organizations own merits.

again time/money also wtf “important” racist!

not original 1 it was never great 2 it needed changes
and an ECCM effect to ecm mods to act as a stacking penalty and remove 100% jam chance

finaly if you actually want healthy discussion posting 1000000 ideas in one thread wont do that.

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Where, how, when? Never heard of it.

My mistake. I meant drones.

That’s a matter of opinion. If it is well implemented, I think it would be a good enrichment.

In any case, there are many complaints that even the smallest ship or fleet is dropped with capitals. Also for PvE ships the risk is too low due to the mechanics in relation to the ISKs that can be earned.
The quality of PvP will certainly increase if something is done about it. Maybe there are other ways to do this.

The point about security I can agree with you conditionally. But it is also not safer than null.
I wouldn’t call it profitable compared to risk, especially since it’s at the same level as high.

At the moment the whole standing is more or less on a meaningless stand (only for a few missions and low tax savings).
If you have something like that, it should also have some meaning and consequences for the players. There used to be extra “professions” that offered a service with standing, e.g. to anchor a Starbase.

Your statement takes the idea of CCP to absurdity with the ban on warp core stabs. Then they could have saved the change in the FW.

This statement seems a little too hasty and without proper arguments.
Anyway, I think you have to tie up new players from the beginning, whichever way you go. Only the current one is apparently the wrong one.

When you talk to some new ones, it doesn’t seem that easy to find something.
Many have said that there is no one online to answer questions or that they are simply not taken into account in the masses. Others only used text chat. That goes surely also, but is also constantly cumbersome and nervtönd.
If players are to be held, something would have to be done here, even if it’s only a short guide that explains what should be considered.

What I mean most is languages from a business point of view. A translation for thousands of players would be more profitable than a translation for 10.
In German there used to be that and I know many who miss it. As far as I remember, CCP also announced after the people had been dismissed that this would be continued by an external company. But I’m not quite sure whether it referred to dev-blogs etc…

I’ll take that as advice next time :wink:

concerning the profits of hs moon mining

it’s not though… how can you not even understand that. it is far safer than null and far more profitable than HS.

Please make one post per idea.

-1 on the whole pile.

These are all such horrible ideas I don’t know where to start.
The worst seems to be that they all stem from the same parroting of poor ideas without any actual thought put into them.

every PVEr is Cyno bait in Null

then why do I kill plenty that don’t even have one fit? I think you are hunting in the wrong space mate. though even in areas with prominent umbrellas they don’t all bother to fit one.

my statement is a generalization.

Not every PVE ship has a cyno fitted. however it is commonly observed that a PVEr will have cyno alts ready to call that umbrella. (Way more common with Super ratters and Roq Miners)

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